Journey of a young French lady

Hi everyone,

At the beginning of September, a young lady from France visit me for having electrolysis hair removal.
She have excess hair on chin, upper lip, breast, belly and back. Since the concerned areas are hormonal dependant areas, she could face the risk of paradoxical laser induced hair growth. Moreover, she have a lot of vellus and blond hair.

The only solution for her to get permanent hair removal, is electrolysis.

With the permission of this lovely lady, I post here the before, during and after electrolysis pictures of her back.

We will continue her electrolysis treatment in November.

I do not remember exactly how much time I spent on her back. However the total time treatment for this first session (for chin, neck, breast, belly and back) was 11 hours.

Terrific work Adrien!And made even more so by showing your work!

I’m right now in the middle of the monthly visit on my largest back case, and one of the worst cases of laser hair stimulation I’ve ever seen. Were finally getting results where I worked at the top even before I’ve gotten as far as finishing the bottom . She’s of pakinstani origin and should never have done laser:( But despite insisting on pictures so she can see after every treatment, she’s very private and is sure to have me use her phone to take them. Having a client willing to let you show your work, is quite an accomplishmentand shows the confidence they have in you.

That’s amazing work, I’m new to this forum and have a daughter with similar lower back hair. I just wish we had someone like you in Melbourne Australia. Can you tell me if the lower back is very painful, it looks like you are using numbing cream and I’m wondering which one you use and type of electrolysis?

Seana : thank you very much !
Laser hair removal can provide good results in some cases, but in other it can cause terrible bad case of paradoxical stimulation growth… fortunately she meet you and I am sure she will be very pleased with the final result of you work.

I always take before picture, in every case. In fact, clients tend to forget how much hairy they were after some sessions and this is very important to have these before pictures with you, even if you do not publish them.

Mel : thank you for your kind word. I wish you find a professional electrologist on your area.
The lower back is quite painful. The treatment can be more confortable using numbing cream such as Emla (applying it two hours under plastic wrap before the session).
In this case I am using thermolysis, insulated Laurier probe.

Mel877 Contact Christine O’Connel in Sydney. She is well connected and may be able to recommend someone for you.

Good,hard work! Lower back for me is most sensitive area (more than genital area) so numbing cream is a must for me.

Concerning laser stimulation, here in the states we do have FDA which has mechanism for reporting such side-effects. Seana does Canada have agencies that reports can be made to? I feel that a lot of laser induced hair growth cases are not properly reported so there isn’t accurate data on this side effect.

EXACTLY, FENIX. Can you send a link where this side effect can be reported? I’m still hearing, “I’ve never seen this?” from some laser specialists. Maybe clients go onto electrolysis and don’t report this to the laser practitioner?

Adrien, are located in Madrid now?

I am currently in Malaga but I am searching a place to work in Madrid. During this time I practice electrolysis in a clinic in Malaga.

Thank you for your advice, we are seeing an electrolysis next week that uses blend and multi probe galvanic so we’ll see how she goes. We tried one last week that uses just MPG but it was very painful for her on the belly and very slow, I had heard this method was supposed to be less painful! Not sure if it was associated with the skill of the operator, she treated my chin area as well and there are 3 bruises and scabbing. Anyway I think its trial and error. I will definitely get the EMLA cream, one electrolysis told us not to bother with it as it makes no difference but from what I have read here it seems worth trying. Thank you again.

FDA Medical Device online reporting for consumers

FDA Consumer Complaint coordinators for each state who can guide over the phone.

If more consumers complain about their laser side effects, FDA might start to pay attention. I recently read a report where FDA started an investigation into a woman’s hair product line called WEN after receiving 21,000 complaints that the chemicals caused hair damage.

Thank you Fenix for the links

Ditto. Thanks, Fenix.

Hey, I’m new to this forum also, I honestly don’t know why I feel so nervous about commenting, I think coz I look up to so many of the electrolysis’ on this forum and the amazing work you all do truly does give me hope.

I have hair very similar to the girl in the pictures. I have heard that laser does cause hypertrichosis though (my friend has suffered this also but for some reason is still getting laser huh?) - mine I believe has been caused by steroids that I unfortunately had to be on when I was younger :frowning:

I can understand that with stimulated hair growth caused by laser new hair follicles can show up later down the track, even if you’re getting electrolysis (correct me if I am wrong) - I have stopped the steroids and haven’t been on them for YEARS

Would the 3 clearances and you’re done approach still be effective or would it be similar to laser hair growth and take WAY longer??

Hello Chica, welcome to hairtell,

The 3 clearances method will still be effective as soon as you let your hair grow at least 5/6 months before the treatment and you avoid shaving/waxing/threading/plucking between each clearances.

About laser induced paradoxical hypertrichosis : it take place in hormono-dependent areas such as face, abdomen (breast, belly, back…). In this case, laser can stimulate fine vellus surrounding the treated area and can grow thicker and darker.

If this is your case and you want to permanently remove these unwanted hair, you can of course begin electrolysis hair removal treatment. In the treated area, all actif follicules will be permanently destroyed. In that way you can be sure that you will not get “never-ending new hair” years after the treatment.

Thanks for your quick response :slight_smile:

I haven’t touched the hair for well over a year, if that’s the case do you believe the hair would be 99% clear after the 3rd clearance??..I guess when you have so much hair and you feel almost cursed that a solution to this problem doesn’t seem real or even possible

I’m glad that there is a forum like this to be honest, there is SO much mixed information about results and the effectiveness of electrolysis that it’s insane…can see why people are so confused about the different options of hair removal sigh

You’re welcome.
In that condition and if your electrologist works properly, thus you will get 99% of hair permanently removed after the third clearance.

It is true, on the internet we can find mixed and quite opposite information about electrolysis. This forum is so helpful for consumers.