Jolen Shave Minimising Moisturiser

Has anybody used Jolen Shave Minimising Lotion on their face? because it does state at the back the bottle that it is not suitable for the face -do you know why this is?
What were the side effects?
Please answer, even if you’ve used it on any other skin area. I brought it because I trust their hair lightening cream (bleach).

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I am not exactly sure why it doesn’t state to use it on the face, but I used another brand that is also for the body (on my face), and it was pretty creamy, therefore greasy on the face and clogged my pores which lead to pimples. Also the hair on your face grows differently than the rest of your body and I doubt that you will see much of a difference in hair growth on the face, just using that product. And most creams like that require prolonged use to start to see a difference. There is a prescription treatment called Vaniqa, that is specially designed for facial hair. You can enter it in the search area of this site and you will find lots of posts about this topic. Good Luck and let us know if you decide to use the Jolen and it’s effectiveness. Have a great day :relaxed: