Jan Tana hair remover and Magic shaving powder


Has anyone tried either of the above? I heard a guy writing good things about it on another forum and was wondering.

I tried the magic powder on a small portion of my beard, but it caused significant irritation because my skin is thin and sensitive I think.

I have used magic shaving cream to shave my head and to help reduce the razor bumps on my neck.You put it on the area for 10 mins then just take a towel and wipe off works pretty good just don’t leave it on more then 10 mins or you will get burned.

i liked this part:

“Hair grows back slower and with a softer texture.”

That’s awesome (if it’s true… which it probably isn’t…)!

I’ve used the Magic cream shave on my abdomen, penis and scrotum without any ill effects. I folllow the instructions very carefully. I seems to work well for the hair that laser and IPL treatments have had difficulty removing. It leaves the same soft feel to the skin that hair conditioner leaves when it is used instead of shave cream. I’ve tried almost everything and the Magic cream shave provides an excellent result.