James's Recommendation

Hi James,
I decided to Call Donna, after my laser consultation, seeing the posts here I decided to call your recommendation. We had a lovely chat on the phone and she speaks highly of you. I am excited to meet with her. She sounds experienced and knowledgeable. My first appointment will be on Monday. I will keep everyone posted on my experience with her and how it compares to the others that I have tried. On the phone she explained how important it is to keep hydrated. From what I explained to her she said that she believed the problem I was having was the insertions weren’t deep enough and that is what I had suspected all along. The heat was not into the follicle but surfacing to the skin, therefore, damaging the skin and not treating the hair. I will keep you posted. Thanks again and if I’m ever in the buffalo area I will look you up because your one person I would like to meet.

I am glad to know that you are on the way to better treatment. Although I have not had the pleasure of Donna’s steady hands (yet) I have seen her work, and she is a good egg.

Thanks for your kind words. You are making me blush. :grin:

Hi I live in New JErsey maybe I can go to this electrologist. Can you give me Donnas number or email so I can get in touch with her??

Now that Donna is back and open to all new customers, I am allowed to give you her info. She is opening a new office, and I will post the address when I get it. But for you who are breathless in Toms River NJ, Call:
Donna Risos
Jersey Shore Electrolysis