You seem to be the expert, So I have some questions. I have start electrolysis I’ve gone to 4 30minutes sessions and my electrolygist says my upper lip is almost done, but I see lots of smaller fine hairs, can electrolysis get those types of hairs? And you said somewhere that you can do the lower leg in 4hours… Where are you located? Also about the bikini area it takes me 15 minutes to get to my place how do i keep the elma on while im driving? When I had laser, the elma came off and hurt like hell :fearful: ! and i dont want to go through that again

There are two types of smaller finer hairs. One you would do, and one you would not. Simple vellus hairs should be left alone, as you will not look human if they are all removed. You will look like a resident of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum without vellus hairs. On the other hand, clear, or light terminal hairs that grow really long, can and should be done if they bother you. Here, however, the practitioner’s skill, and equipment come into question. Without proper vision equipment, these hairs can not be seen properly, and could not bee treated without a good lighted magnification device.

You should be keeping the Emla or Ela-Max under an occulsive dressing prior to treatment. As such, many people cover the area with Saran Wrap until they are actually on the electrologist’s chair. If you need something to help keep the plastic in place on your face, something safe and sticky like maple syrup is a great thing to use. It will be wiped away when the electrologist sanitized your face with the cotton.

As for me, I am located in Sunny Buffalo NY just like the location section of the footer of this message says. If I move to Hawaii sometime soon, I will let you all know :smiley:

Hey James, if you ever want a working holiday, just pack that machine of yours up and come on down to Australia… :grin: Allow a couple of weeks for work, then you can go SCUBA diving or croc wrestling or whatever else takes your fancy…

Actually, I notice a few members here on HairTell that are from Australia… we could use you full-time… If you ever want to run from the IRS or a psycho ex-partner and start a new life… :stuck_out_tongue:


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