James Walker - Buffalo, NY

Well, most of you on this board know who James is, if not all of you.

I have had the fortune to be able to do treatment with him. And I will say that he’s as nice and knowledgeable in person as he is in here.

I haven’t had any experiences with anyone else, but after two treatments with James, I can say that I’m very glad I haven’t had experiences with anyone else.

I definitely recommend him if you’re in the Buffalo area or even if you’re not. I drive about an hour and 15 minutes to get there, and I would drive farther if I had to. :slight_smile:

It is a pleasure to have a client who drinks her water, avoids caffine and follows the rest of her pre and post treatment recommendations. Thank you for your kind words. :blush: :cool:

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I realized tonight that I hadn’t been here in a while, so I thought I would come in and post an update.

I’ve had several sessions with James and things are going great. I am having two areas treated, and on one of them, I have only one visible hair. It is now in it’s non-growing phase, which is unfortunate, because I hope to schedule another appointment next month.

The other area is doing significantly better.

I’ve had only slight redness and a few minor white bumps here and there. Nothing that is a big deal at all! And now that I haven’t had an appointment in a while, my skin is completely normal.

James is great. I definitely recommend him if you want nice skin after the whole process is finished.

I wish i was studying a states, then i can treated by James, walker!

It is so hard to find a good electrlylosist in UK!

Hi all!

I recently had my first clearance of my face above the jaw line, done in the comfort of my easy chair by James Walker (thermolysis, and a little blend). It took 13 hours to clear more than 7700 hairs. Doing the math, that’s 592 hairs/hour. I was conscious the whole time, using just a bit of lidocaine on the center of the upper lip (didn’t work - too little percentage). It was helpful to have movies to watch on DVD as a distraction. I have a low pain threshold and while some areas hurt more than others (and often pulling the hair out hurt more than zapping it), it was tolerable. My face was a bit red afterwards but considerably puffed up (as if I’d eaten something I was allergic to) but this noticeably subsided in a day and was back to normal in three days. No scarring that I can see. Three weeks out and there is little regrowth yet; we’ll see what six weeks will bring. If not much more than what has regrown to date, then the rest of the clearances will be a lot easier and shorter.

May it all be so easy! For the neck I bought EMLA, however :slight_smile:

Ellen G. (to be)

To my previous post, let me add this image.

DISCLAIMER: James Walker did not ask me to post this, nor am I receiving any compensation or other consideration from James for this posting. Furthermore, the image has NOT been retouched in any fashion.

This image was taken three weeks after my first clearance above the jaw line, and represents two-and-a-half days of beard growth. The original coverage above the jaw line was a little less than what you see on the chin, but not by a lot.
I’m very pleased with the first clearance and we may be able to do the follow on clearances on an 8-week schedule, and I hope not much more hair comes in on the face (especially in the middle between nose and top lip). Obviously the chin and neck need their first clearance. Of course I’m hoping for the low estimate on total time to do the full clearance. As stated before, the facial clearance took 13 hours, not under anesthetic.

May we all have successful clearances!


PS. Hope the image is attached!

Being that electrolysis was being done in the comfort of your easy chair at your home I assume, those 592 hairs an hour is very good speed. If James was at his office using his table and all the comforts necessary, he would have inevitably shot well beyond that 592 mark. That’s a slower go for him, but it’s understandable if he was doing it in our home on an easy chair!!!

I’m still going to James for electrolysis, but we’re nearing the end of the face and neck work. Full Final Clearance, here I come!

The image of me with short head hair is 3-4 days’ beard growth prior to my first clearance. The other image shows 3-4 days’ growth just prior to my 11th session (six weeks since the 10th).

That’s 16.5 months from the first session, about 57,000 hairs over 91 treatment hours.

If the images don’t appear with this post, I’ll try again…

Peace out,

Okay, that wasn’t successful, but you can see the images at:


User “Ellen G.”

Congratulations Ellen G, Electrolysis has allowed to show the beauty of your skin.

James you’re doing a masterful job. Given the difficulty of treatment with such deep root hairs. Congratulations to you too master.

Ellen, maybe I’ll push the limits of discretion, but why would you not ask James to redesign your eyebrows? A few minutes extra and your eyebrows will be perfect forever.

Happy New Year!!

When we were spending more than 6 hours together, Ellen wanted to run away as quickly as possible. Now that we don’t have so much time together working, a little add on might be coming as Ellen tries to find excuses to spend more time with me, in hopes of basking in my sparkling personality :grin:

Looks like I will be pulling off another 100 hour wonder. I may go bankrupt if I keep working my way out of a job like this. :wink:

James is without a doubt, the best electrologist that I have had. I had went to four electrologist and two of them wound up burning my chin area and did not really get that much accomplished. The most time that I could go with them was about 1 1/2 hours because it was hurting too much. The last electrologist that I went to there was better, but she said that I should go to Buffalo, NY where the person who trained her and was a lot better had his electrologist business at. I was reluctant because James charges $100 an hour, but I made an appointment and I am glad that I did. Although there was pain at times especially in the upper lip area and the top portion of the lower lip area, compared to what I had experienced before the pain was far less, no burning of my flesh and James was able to clear a lot more hairs than the others. James has a DVD hooked up in such a way that you can watch one of his many movies most of the time that you are getting the electrolysis so that you can concentrate on that rather than concentrating on a needle going through your flesh. James picks me up from the airport and takes me out to eat and is always a complete gentleman and professional. I could not ask for anyone better. I now live in Rockledge, (near Cocoa Beach, Florida) and I just flew up here for some more electrolysis. – Franki Newsome at somenewfxn@hotmail.com

I can say without a doubt that James is the reason for my high expectations when it comes to electrolysis. In one hour, he managed to do what my previous electrologist wasn’t able to accomplish in 6 months. I had a terrible experience with thermolysis in the past which was both extremely painful and left me with horribly large scabs and hyperpigmentation. I was worried about the same experience and reaction however was completely wrong to do so. Not only did he make sure I was completely relaxed (pillows propped up under me to deal with my RLS)but he also kept me entertained (in an educational way!) with his wonderful talks and jokes.

The main points that set him apart from other electrologists include his amazing stereoscopic microscope/lighting (he was able to get even the smallest of blonde hairs on my upper lip), his use of the most recent technology (Aplius Platinum) and by far his fast skills when it comes to getting rid of hair. In one hour he was able to clear my entire upperlip of 561 hairs!

Overall, I am so very glad I was able to see him, even for an hour! Unfortunately he is located about 6 hours from me so it impossible for me to see him every couple weeks as I would like, but I plan on visiting him soon to clear more body parts. Thanks James for everything!

I was informed over a year ago that if I was truly interested in permanent hair removal that electrolysis was really the only way to go. I did listen, but I also received a Groupon for 6 sessions of laser hair removal, so I thought I would give that a shot first. After all, what could it hurt? It did hurt, lots, and although the initial results were pretty good, not only didn’t they last terribly long, but the laser is finicky and won’t touch the grey ones, of which I have an abundance. I’m not that old, but they started coming in at 25.

Local word of mouth directed me to Executive Clearance run by James Walker, a highly experienced electrologist. His work with the trans community and provision of low pain, highly effective beard removal was already well established in the Buffalo community. Let’s be honest, we are a niche market and it’s not so easy to find a specialist who is both geared toward trans needs and provides top quality service.

I booked a consultation and was sold. James took the time to explain the history and process of his methods and provided a sample. The sample patches he removed were on my cheek (low pain), chin (moderate discomfort), and upper lip (a bit more discomfort). He explained that removing the hair from the lip was the most painful and that he liked to include this in the consult to avoid any appearance of cherry picking while giving the customer a good idea of what to expect when it came to the most sensitive area. I was sold.

I booked a real appointment and showed up on Monday. James was meticulous in getting ready and scrubbed down well and brushed his teeth, something we all appreciate when someone is working close for many hours. As he did, I took a look around. His location and décor can only be described as ‘low overhead’; a business strategy he is comfortable explaining. The money went into the equipment and not the local, with a strategic goal of providing the lowest discomfort service possible. Instead of the usual life size framed prints of hairless softcore models, the walls are adorned with wrestling toys. I would be shocked if one was ever manufactured that he doesn’t own. I also noted an extensive video collection proudly displayed. My only concern with this is that he boasted not only ‘Mannequin’, but ‘Mannequin 2’ as well. If he had plans to show them, it could be a much longer day than I anticipated.

The keys to an extended electrolysis session are comfort and distraction. After all, no one wants to spend 9 hours having their face zapped while also getting leg cramps and staring at a crack in the ceiling. To offset this, James provides a comfortable gurney style table, with a large flat screen monitor directly above. For those who are interested, he has a whole transgender film lineup in the queue, of which I took advantage. I lay back and enjoyed ‘Transamerica’ as he began work.

While I don’t think there is any way of making electrolysis exactly comfortable or pain free, this was about as close as anyone is going to get. He kept up a steady rhythm of zap, zap, pluck, pluck over and over. The nice part about this is that the pain of the zaps never got intense enough to cause a reaction, even when he moved to the upper lip. By interspersing the zaps with plucking out the hairs, it was only a few seconds of shock to deal with at a time, which is more than bearable. The movie was enough of a distraction that for long periods I could forget what he was doing all together.

As I understand from other trans folks in the same boat, most electrolysis sessions range from 45 minutes to 2 hours max at a time. This seems to be what people can typically endure for the day. James was able to go for 7 hours on my face and could have kept going had I not run out of time. I was there for 9 hours, but he only billed me for the time working and not bathroom breaks, leg stretches, or lunch. All said and done, in that first session he managed to remove 3500 hairs, which covered my upper lip, chin, the sides of the muzzle area, and most of my cheeks. Not bad for one marathon appointment! At the end though, I experienced some heavy swelling, which is to be expected. He applied some tree oil before I left, which provided immediate relief. While I’m not exactly excited to be going back to continue on, I will and am not considering other alternatives. The results speak for themselves.

Who James is good for: Anyone transgender or otherwise who is looking for the low pain, high performance option for hair removal. Professionalism, attention to detail, good humor, and excellent results are all the order of the day. When your electrologist makes it on to your Christmas list after causing so many hours of discomfort, you can’t argue that you are getting that personal touch and that a real level of trust has been established.

Who James is not good for: Anyone who has the expectation that their electrolysis should take place in a setting similar to the Palace of Versailles and values form over function. If you want a posh address and marble floors, this probably isn’t right for you. The same can be said if you are a dedicated masochist or believe that ‘close enough’ is going to get the job done.

Overall rating: 5 Stars and My Highest Recommendation


Wonderful to read stories like this and we are all glad you are having success. Great electrologists help all of us that strive to be great too! Bravo! (the beard, of course, is the “olympics” of hair removal.)

Hello, forum members.

Here is a quick review/rating of experience with James Walker VII. I hope it’s helpful if anyone is considering using his services.

  1. Ease of scheduling:
    He is busy but very accommodating and will work with you on setting the dates.

  2. Travel arrangements:
    Either you fly to Buffalo or if you are more financially “flexible” he will actually come to you. This is especially good for “marathon” sessions, I believe, if you are trying to clear very large areas which you would be able to do in your home.

  3. Modalities used.
    He is totally flexible and competent as far as electrolysis, blend and thermolysis and switches between them as necessary due to type of hair, type of skin, pain threshold, hair release, etc. To find a pro that uses blend is RARE.

  4. Areas covered:
    James works everywhere, both men and women. He puts you at ease and has a great attitude about it no matter how sensitive the area. Totally comfortable.

  5. Success rate:
    I feel that his kill rate is high, both face and body. Also, if you are working on large areas like chest/back/stomach or beard his marathon sessions will give you clearance. If you go to your community electrologist you will simply overwhelm them and end up going for a tremendous number of sessions stretched over many years and you won’t be accomplishing things in any timely manner and the frustration will build up. (Personal expererience).

  6. Office setup:
    James works from a building in a residential area and has a very basic office. It’s simple and unpretentious. It is NOT a spa and it is not posh. Totally comfortable with a TV that you can watch above your head during your hours of treatments.

  7. Cost:
    He is very competitive as far as direct rates go. If you factor in that you will spend less time with him and have fewer visits and he can give you marathon sessions which are difficult to find then the cost of the flight is worth it. Better to get 10 hours of good stuff then have it broken up into 15 min sessions that will add up to 20 hours in the end anyways.

I think James is a “hair-killer” and a great electrologist. He is committed to the field and to the interests of his clients, is comfortable to work with and willing to accommodate and work with challenging cases. You won’t find many like him in this country. Take advantage of his services while you can.

I am happy to answer any questions that relate to my personal experience with him and I am sure he will answer all questions if you contact him.

The crowd cheers another successful title defense against a Swedish beard.

Maintaining a world championship schedule has been hard, but I would not trade the friendships I have gained.

Quite simply put. Awesome.

Yes! Quite an awesome picture, James. Very Happy for your client, too, and I like seeing your wrestling belt collection, but, I’m shocked - I didn’t know you actually owned a pair of jeans!!!

You got me there. I don’t actually have many. :wink:
I never replaced my Jordache and Giovanni collection… perhaps I have dated myself. :blush:

Okay, Grandpa.