James W. Walker VII, CPE need help

Do you know anything about Joyce M. Bair she works out of the ft. wayne area she has been practicing for 20 years. She charges 58 dollars an hour. What would be some great questions to ask as far as treatments go and equipment? Is it possible to get treated everyday and more than 1 hour at a time like 3 at a time? I am really hoping to be hair free soon. I really dont mind chest hair seeing how every man gets some it is just back hair that is extremely unsightly to me! Thanks for your help, without the help from you and david and the others I wouldnt know what to do! Thanks,

I agree bout the chest hair, i like mine i think

What do people have against filling out their profile section completely? It only helps us to help you when you have a question about who is good in your area. Since you don’t have any location info in your profile, and did not fully state your location in your post, I don’t know what Fort Wayne you are talking about. It may come as a surprise to some of you, but there are many places in this country called Buffalo, and if I did not say Buffalo NY, all the people in Buffalo Ohio, Buffalo Wisconsin, Buffalo Montana, and many other places might think that I am down the street from them. Please give full information on your location or we can’t help you.

Now, as for the possibilities on long appointments, and frequent appointments in a concentrated effort to clear a back with daily appointments first time out, that would depend on many things. To be honest, the average electrolysis office in the country is not set up to deliver this type of service. Sadly, the equipment in most offices is too old. The treatment energy delivered by the old stuff is too harsh on the skin to endure more than once a week for a short time and the whole area usually needs 3 weeks to heal before anything else can be done there. On the other hand, if you find an office with a skilled practitioner utilizing a new styled computerized machine, the treatment energy is so fine tuned that daily appointments become a possibility as long as one is moving away from the previously treated area in the following days. For example, treat the right shoulder blade on day one, the left shoulder blade on day two, right lower back on day three, left lower back on day four, and the center spine, if needed, on day five.

I would not attempt to have this kind of thing done, however, unless the person doing the work at least had a Silhouet-Tone VMC machine, Any machine by Apilus, or at least a computerized machine made by Fischer. There are a few other machines that I think may be up to the task, but I have yet to have personal experience with them, and therefore will not speculate on their capabilities. This forum is about passing on things that we know, and have a good foundation for the information, and I hope you all appreciate that I won’t give you hearsay on something that can be verified by experience, but has yet to be tested by anyone here on the forum.

I would also like it if the practitioner had visual aids and lighting that are better than a plain florescent circle lamp with a 3 diopter magnification lens, but backs are sometimes as easy to see as legs, so it may not be as bad as vellus middle eastern facial hair, which requires high magnification just go get a good insertion.

If I were you, I would most like to see a halogen light source, and some sort of stereo microscope or video magnification system. At minimum a 10 or 5 diopter lens loaded in that circle lamp.

So where does this leave you? Right back to where we always end up when we don’t have a previously verified Electrology SuperFriend to send you to:
Get a consultation and sample treatment from as many practitioners in your area as you can. Do your homework very well before you settle on who wins the contract to become your personal electrologist because the skin you save will be your own. Furthermore, the skill and speed of the electrologist, and the equipment they employ make a big difference in how fast they can work, and how frequently you can have appointments, and that dictates how much money you end up spending in the end for full permanent hair removal.

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