James- vita c creme recipe !

Hi JAmes!
Somewhere in my many readings of this forum you mentioned a recipe you use with vita c and magnesium or something. Can you please give me more info on this before i go and buy an expensive vita c creme in case i can make a good one myself ? I also would like to know if there are any issues with sun after using vita c on the face…THANKS!

Not James but this is super easy to make and super cheap to DIY unless you want to pay top dollar for this


Vitamin c + ferulic has a spf of around 8 and should be used under your sunscreen as antioxidant protection so no skin issues with the sun mixing vitamin c powder into a cream will not work because of PH issues it needs to be below PH 3 to penetrate skin cells its great stuff but be patient and give it six months or so to see results :cool:


THANKS DOLPHINZ !! LEt me know when you are ready for a client;)
James recipe seemed simpler (sheaper too ) as I would have to buy the scale and the bottles and the ingredients, ph level etc…but very cool info. i LOVE DIY!!

if you want the super cheap version just mix 7.5g Ascorbic Acid powder in 42.5 g Aloe Gel or distilled/de-ionized water or a mixture of both =15% vit C total volume =50g put in an old bottle shake till dissolved store in the fridge and use it up in a week use as a toner and or body spritz no Ph meter required a digital pocket scale is cheap doesnt have to be complicated

THANk you again. Will it still work properly despite the ph level then? Just regular Ascorbic Acid powder? I like your style Dolphinz! Wish i could be your first client!

yes PH has to be below 3 for vit c to enter skin cells regular ascorbic acid powder is fine after three days usage skin cells are saturated you can then use three times weekly to keep cells saturated .