James, thanks! you were right!

Thank you James! I was a little skeptical about electrolysis after having gone for so many years and not getting really good results… but you were right! it was the fact that I was tweezing in between treatments what was screwing things up. On the other hand, I was so hairy back then, and I am so into swimming (and believe me, with those bathing suits you can get to see all bikini line hairs if you don’t get rid of them) and that I never tolerated shaving, that I just could not wait to remove the hairs between treatments… so I am not sure I would not do the very same thing again… but the fact is that NOW, after that laser helped me get rid of many hairs at once and that the ones that regrow, regrow at a slower rate, I can manage to not use the epilator nor tweeze in between treatments (I basically hide the hairs that are coming out - which are not so thick anymore with a thick concealer) and then the electrolysis’ treatment progress is becoming more evident- still not as fast as I wished, but the difference is obvious to me.
Thank you for your advice.
So far, you seem to have been very right about the tip of going for laser and having touch-ups and getting rid of the regrowths through professional electrolysis.
Thanks for your help here!

You are most welcome.

Now it would be a wonderful jesture to the forum if you would give the contact information on the electrologist you are so happy with in the referal section under a heading like “Good electrologist in Uruguay”

You may not be here when the next person asks who is good in Uruguay, and I won’t even have ever known who did your work in the first place.

Enjoy your smoothness.

I’ll be glad if you can recomend somebody in Uruguay, i have couple of family member that will be happy to check on it.

Sure! I never imagined anyone could be interested or know anyone in Uruguay potentially interested in electrolysis hair removal, but if I don’t post it, if someone ever looks for that info here, he/she wouldn’t find it!
Her name (the electrologist) is Sandra Pintos, she has a clinic “Centro Depilatorio y Podologico” in the downtown of Montevideo. (5982)902-9517 is her number (the first digits account for the international numbers for Montevideo, Uruguay). She and her staff also perform waxing and offer podology services. She is the only one who performs electrology and is very knowledgable. Her clinic is really good, they care for a good service.
If anyone needs more of a referral, please let me know :smile: .

PS to my previous post… Paola, do you know someone in Uruguay? that would be awesome! mine is such a small country, I never expect to find anyone who knows an Uruguayan!