James, isn't E-pen scam?

Does it work? really?
Since it does not work with needles, is it really like electrolysis??

If one were to load a probe in the machine, one could perform galvanic electrolysis. Used as directed by the manufacturer, it is a waste of time and money.

Even if one loads a probe/needle into the machine, one instantly finds that it is not ergonomically designed for use as an actual stilo/stilleto, even though it is called an “E-Pen”

Once again, I have to say, of you want do it yourself electrolysis, buy a good electrolysis book, read it with a friend, buy a used pro unit and get a buddy to trade with so you can enjoy “do it for each other electrolysis”.

Thank you, James, for the answer.
I am, in the meantime, and for the more delicate areas (where the proper skills are needed) going to the electrologist, like 2 times a month. Once she will have done the harder work, I will try to get the One Touch and do as you say.
Thanks again!