James I need some Advice

OK, I started electrolysis and I guess I am back to my confused self again. Once a hair is treated their is a chance that it can grow back? My goal is that by spring break in march that my back is hair free. Is this not resonable she can clear my back in 2 hours. Any advice would be appreciated on how I should go about scheduling my appointments. Thanks for your help James you are a savior to many on this site!

If she can clear your entire back in 2 hours, you should be just fine when March comes around.

If you want to always be hair free from the beginning, you can have what ever short appointment you will need once a week and she will work on what ever hairs are there to treat as they make their first peek above skin level, or you can just go in once a month and watch your appointments fall from 2 hours to 90 minutes, to 1 hour, and then 30 minutes.

Thanks for your kind words. Andrea and everyone else here tries to do their best to make sure that no one has the hard time we had finding information back in the bad old days.