James E. Pickens, M.D. (WARNING)

This guy is another Rejuvenu shill. Since one medical expert has been represented as having a fake medical specialty (“dermology”), and another has been arrested on criminal impersonation charges, I thought I’d see what this other medical guy was up to.

As of this writing, all their old websites are down, but they apparently have a new office.

Extreme Wellness Clinic
555 East 4500 South, Suite C-20o Salt Lake City, Utah 84107
phone: 801.264.8404
fax: 801.747.0046
toll-free: 888.389.1697
[medicalwonders at keptprivate dot com]

[extremewellnessclinic dot com/]

Still pushing Rejuvenu:

[extremewellnessclinic dot com/Pickens/HairRemoval.cfm]

[kall910 dot com/wellness]

Due to the large amount of phone calls regarding Dr. Picken’s wellness plan, they are offering another TWO seminar on Wellness, Hormone Replacement and Cosmetic Surgery! This seminar will take place at Dr. Pickens new office located at 555 East 4500 south suite C-200. Seminar will be open to 40 people that would like one on one information about Wellness, Hormone Replacement and Cosmetic Surgery. Saturday December 10, 2003 and Saturday January 10, 2004, both of them at 1:00PM. Reservations are required so please call Sylvia and Dr. James Pickens at 455-9667! Sign up now to learn about a healthier new you!

            James E. Pickens, M.D., F.A.C.S.
             4001 South 700 East, Suite 500
             Salt Lake City, Utah 84107
             (801) 264-6630 Main Number
             (888) 289-1697 Toll Free
             (801) 455 9667 Mobile

             [newyouclinic dot com]