James - choosing an electrologist?

After having 9 laser treatments for the neck area (reduced growth for a while but seem to come back) I’m thinking of switching to electrolysis. I had e. years ago and found no real benefit but after reading the forum I realise that its all in the operator. I’m so upset after the money I’ve spent on laser that I want to make sure I’m seeing the right person. James could you give an outline of how to choose an electrologist? I’m in Australia so obviously you can’t give me recommendations.

now that I’ve found the recommendations section of this site there is a referral for a woman in Sydney and I’ve just made an appointment. She sounds really good and I feel v happy seeing her. I’m so disappointed with Laser - it was a total waste of time and money!

Try www.hairfacts.com on instructions on how to choose an electrologist.

There are new studies coming out now that suggest that laser actually causes dormant hair follicles to grow new hair. This means that ppl that had laser done on them will eventually end up with more hair than they started out with.

Some thried and were successful in suing their operator for the money they paid for laser.

Where might one find the studies coming out on laser and dormant hairs growing?

Well, I am evidence. I had some laser done on my back with epilight. $2000 wasted. I was surprised to find perfectly round spots of new hair growing where none had been before! Those spots were the same size as the end of the wand. The technician would try to kill a stray hair and ten more grew back! I was so disappointed and mad.

And suing would do no good because the doctor made me sign a disclaimer, waiving his responsibility if the treatment did not work. (slaps forehead)

AND, the doctor (quack) closed his office and moved out of town before finishing all the work on me. I guess I should feel lucky!

Those wavers are designed to get you to think that you can’t file claim. In practice you can still make a case against them.

I ribbed my doctor big time the last time I had surgery. I read all the wavers he had me sign leading up to the proceedure, looked him in the eye and said, "You know, the language of these papers makes it out that you and I could think of nothing better to do for entertainment today but to rent all this stuff, and book an operating room and just for shits and giggles knock me out rip out my flesh, and root around inside my body for no particular reason at all.

In a pool of sweat, he said, “They are just the standard forms” while not being able to look me in the eye.

There were complications that we could not forsee, and I nearly died on the table, but as you all can see, I lived to tell the tale. He was soooo sure I was going to sue him. Of course, I did not die, and I did not sue him either. I could have, but the truth is the problem was one he really could not have forseen.