James, another question (sorry!)

Sorry to be such a bother.
In another post you mentioned:

“If however, you have something going on that is recruiting new follicles to start growing hairs, where no hair was growing before, the question is how long will it take for every follicle in the treated area to be recruited and treated if the situation bringing this constant new hair growth about is not corrected?”.

I understand. I just have this question. Why and when can someone create new follicles or “re-awaken” a supposedly killed follicle? Does it have to be an hormonal thing? or is it possible for someone to not have hormonal imbalances and YET keep on growing follicles and hairs all the time, anyway?

I am asking because I think I always grow new follicles, and yet I don’t have any hormonal imbalance.

One does not create new follicles nor can one re-awaken previously killed follicles. One can only repair slightly damaged follicles, or take a follicle that once was just an opening in the skin and add hair growth to its reason for being. Perhaps it housed just a sweat gland, but chemical signals from the body gave it instruction to add a hair. You don’t have to have a hormonal imbalance to have that happen either.

Oh oooooh, now I see. Clear explanation, thanks!!!