James and Andrea - Knoll / Ross machines?

I’m located in Israel. I phoned some electrologists and asked them for some info. They’re all using either Knoll or Ross machines. James, Andrea or ANY others - Have you heard of these machines?
Most of them are using machines 5-8 years old. Is it too old?
I talked only to one electrologist who uses Apilus 13.5MHz (I don’t know which model), 2 years old. But, she’s never treated a large area (like back) in men, altough she has 19 years of experience. :frowning:
Please advice - Which machine should I choose? Within the machines you know - Which machine do you consider the best?
Is there anybody on this site from Israel who can recommend me of a good electrologist?

Almost forgot… :wink:
Thanks a lot for ANY help in advance.


All machines (as far as I know) use 13.5MHz. It’s just an FTC regulation not to interfere with radio waves. I think they are allowed to use the double and triple of this. This has nothing to do with the treatment and the law doesn’t apply in Israel anyway.

So far the Apilus you are describing looks like the Cleo. This is the cheapest of the new machines. I know James likes the VMCs better, but Apilus machines rank pretty high on the scale. So this should be an OK machine.

I never heard about the other machines you’ve mentioned.

The fact that she never did such a big area, shouldn’t effect the quality of the treatment, maybe, only the speed. But who knows…

Hi ElectroLaser. I don’t know Knoll but yes Ross. This is a good Spanish manufacturer of esthetician equipment. His web is www.ross.es and it is in English language also. But if I would have to choose I would choose Apilus equipment. Although Ross machine also is computerized equipment.

Francisca Rodriguez Ubeda