James a Question for you.......

Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I have a question about the hair growth thing and why it is thinner already. Ok so I told you in my last post that i’m getting the bikini area done(I’m 26 y/o female) We started in Sept. and have had 7 treatments. I didn’t wax or shave alot growing up.
How come the hair came in sparcer and thinner right away if that’s not the hair that was treated ( I read in a post that said it should take 9 months for that hair to come back that was first treated) Could my hair cycles be really close together? But if they were that close wouldn’t the first hairs that I got treated be gone? Why I ask is because it’s only been 7 months and the hairs that are growing in right now are really really fine and lighter in colour. Why would they do that if they weren’t the ones already treated and if they have been treated 7 times why do they keep coming back? :confused: I hope this makes sense. thanks again

The hair you see in the first week or two after a hair removal treatment with electrolysis was not treated hairs. Depending on many factors, it will probably be a few months before you see all the regrowth you’re going to see. That depends on your stopping after that session, too. You will see regrowth, but if you continue getting regular treatments, the hair will get thinner over time and eventually be gone for good if your practitioner is good.