James a couple of questions for you please


I just read the last post that you made and it says that even if it only took 3-4 hours of treatment to be finished it has to be spread out over 9 months. That’s because it takes 9 months for all the hair cylces to come out right? So does that mean that if you had full clearing each month(of all the hairs that were visible), that you should be done in 9 months(i get the bikini area done)? Or does each hair usually need more that one hit of treatment to be permanent. I get thermolysis done with an Apilus machine. The intensity is pretty high too. I was going to someone else for the first 6 months and it wasn’t as intense…She stopped doing electrolysis to work with her husband so I had to find someone else. The lady I go to now says that her average client getting the bikini area done see’s a huge difference afer 6 months and is usually done by 9-12 months.
What has your experience been if you do a full clearing of the bikini area each month with thermolysis?
After you treat a hair once with thermolysis does it usually grow back?

Thank you in advance for all the time you spend answering our questions.


With good treatment, one should finish a bikini line in 9 to 12 months in thermolysis. The number of hours depends on the variables like the number of hairs growing in the area, skill of the operator, the machine used, the vision equipment utilized and even the salon chair/table the client is on during treatment.

If all treatments were perfect, 9 months would be it. Since each insertion can’t possibly perfect, and the hairs that were removed in the first clearance were not guaranteed to be in growth phase, there is usually hair that has to be removed in the plus 9 month stage when they are growing back thinner and weaker. These touch up appointments should be very quick, and far apart, or even quicker if they are spaced closer together just to be sure that no hair gets to get out of growth phase before it is reintroduced to your pal Mr. Golden Probe. :grin:

It would appear that even with the less than perfect treatment you suggest that you started with, you are still on schedule to finish up on time, or perhaps just a little behind schedule.

Thanks for sharing the love. I do take time out of my schedule in between clients and sometimes on weekends when I have not been around to much to answer your questions since the combined response from every other electrologist on this board still currently doesn’t equal the presence that would best be suited to make sure that no one’s question falls through the cracks. Every now and then, I find a question (some of them directed to me personally) that no one has answered in over a month. I wish that were not the case. But there is only one of me, and I have thousands of hairs to remove every working day.
In other words, thank you for your consideration.


I’m so happy to hear that even with my less than perfect start that I should still be done around the same time(give or take a bit). I do know that the hairs were at least being treated even if not at the best intensity…because they did come out with the root and not being plucked. I just needed some confirmation that I wasn’t wasting all my money. Thank you so much for renewing my hope. This next month will be the true test I guess because it will be my 10th treatment. So this next month I’ll know what grows back. Hopefully not alot.

Thanks again