Jackson: Hair removal article in Clarion-Ledger

October 31, 2005
Spas specialize in hair removal for men
By Jack Sunn

We got the lowdown from Leisa Lide, spa director at Mona Spa and Laser Center in Baptist Colonnades (next to Baptist Hospital). For hair removal, you’ve got your depilation (removal from the skin’s surface, including shaving, cutting, razoring and chemical delipatories) and your epilation (removal below the surface targeting the root structure, such as electroylsis, waxing, threading and laser treatments). Mona Spa and Laser, (601) 355-6860, offers waxing and laser treatments.

You also can find waxing for men, generally of brows, backs and arms, at salons such as: J Sims (601) 362-5408; Wave Lengths, (601) 956-6224; and Nouveau Hair (601) 933-1200.
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