I've seen a lot of posts about whether or not a ++

specialist is using the correct settings…

Where is best to read up about this? I’ve figured out my skin type, which types of laser to go for but just would love some info about settings. I have skimmed through several posts but I don’t know which is best and why…

Best thing to do is get some test patches done and make sure you get the test patch settings. Then report back with photos of the area (so the experts can see the hair thickness) and the settings. Then you can receive advice on whether they are going to be effective or not.

You need to go for a consultation and have them assess you in person. Write down the settings they want to use and post them here. We can’t recommend settings over the internet as we can’t see you or test you. Skin types are approximate. But we can tell you whether what they want to use is in the right range for your skin type.

Ask for joules, spot size, and pulse width.

okay thanks a lot :slight_smile: