I've ruined my ears by plucking

It’s horrible. I’ve decided to get electrolysis on my ears. And I’ve been plucking/tweezing for about a year now. 2x a week. The skin is so sensitive there, and the point edges of the tweezers dig in to the skin during the process. I can’t believe how bad it’s become.

I come out bleeding usually.

Just need some encouragement to give up the tweezers.

I’ve been getting my ears done when I go in for my other work. They only get 1-2 hairs per ear now. It always amazes me how one day there will be no hair and the next day the one hair or two that pops up will be over a quarter of an inch long!
I love it! You can hear the zapping!

Interesting. Yes, the hair growth is amazing.I recently had a private chat with Michael over being able to “hear” the treatment. I suppose I am more likely to as I keep my room silent when I work.When I work on the upper cheeks near the ear, this is when I notice the “breaking bubbles” sound from blend. I dont think its something even the pro’s are realizing is you can hear the tiny gas bubbles in the lye.I dont hear the thermolysis, unless I’ve screwed up and gone too shallow.

@hankin, stick with the electrolysis. Tweezing is always a bad thing it causes the hair follicles to distort. I’m getting near done my face ( at least where I can reach) so my next step after that is my eyebows, where I plucked for over 15 years. They are every bit as bad as your ears I would think.


Thanks for the encouragement SeanaTG and Ozzy. Monday night is usually one of my tweezing nights, so, I’m trying to be positive and stay away from the tweezers.