I've had two treatments, and now I'm waiting

I’m wondering how long it may take for hairs to start growing back after laser treatments? I’ve had two, the first one being March 11 and the second one being April 3. I have pale skin and I had dark coarse hair around my chin area. I had my whole ‘face’ done: sideburns, upper lip, neck, and chin. My sideburn hairs are growing back, somewhat, but my chin hairs have yet to return. This is great for me, being female and not having to shave!! :grin:

Regrowth usually occurs at 3 to six months, with a pretty good sense of your progress by six months. If you go in regularly, you should be able to get it as it comes in. Since you are an ideal candidate with light skin and dark hair, you will see more dramatic results than most. Stick to the treatment schedule devised by your practitioner and it’s possible you will see a permanent redulction if it’s done properly. Even if it’s not, many people are thrilled to go in a few times a year to amintain the result.