I've had my consultations, now I have some questions

I have light skin (type 2) and dark, course hair. I’ve now had 3 consultations (and test patches) with 3 different lasers, the LightSheer diode, the Alexandrite, and the Aurora. I’m trying to figure out now how do I choose which one to go with?

The diode seemed to eliminate the hair immediately, as did the Alexandrite, but the latter was more painful (and more expensive), nor did they offer any guarantee, so I think that is out.

Now it’s between the LightSheer and the Aurora.

The Aurora did not show immediate results, but that was just earlier today, and I know that results aren’t always so quick. The lady told me it can sometimes take up to 3 treatments to really start to see the improvement, but that all her clients have really liked it. I can’t seem to find out much about the machine itself. There’s no info about it on the webpage. The lady told me it isn’t a diode or an alexandrite or any of the others… so what is it? I also read here that it’s great for fine hair and dark skin, but what about the opposite? Is it just as effective? I have a lot of questions about this particular method, but I have to say the office and the lady who would use it are the most impressive out of the other 2 places. I think I would feel the most comfortable with her doing it than anywhere else, but I’m just not sure about that particular machine being the right one for me.

The diode was used on Tuesday and I’ve not seen one hair on that spot, so I KNOW it works, but as nice and I believe experienced as the girl was, that location seemed kind of gimmicky and bend-over-backwards to get my business. The price was by far the best, but I’m not the kind of person to let that effect my decision.

I’m just kinda torn. It’s such a huge decision and I know I have to think long and hard before I make up my mind. I got slightly different answers from each place, but they all had years of experience and training. Any input from you guys would be helpful in making my final decision.

I’ve been using Epilight but I am not happy with the longterm results. The new place I have been in touch with (plastic surgeons office) uses both the Lightsheer and the Aurora. They said the Aurora is for finer hair. I’m a little nervous about trying this again. As much as I would love to do it, it’s a lot of money to spend if the hair keeps growing back. It does stay clear for 2 or 3 months but in my opinion it is a lot of money to spend if it is going to only last 2 or 3 months. I’ve had 4 Epilight treatments and have a consultation arranged with the Lightsheer/Aurora clinic to get more info.

The more I think about it, the more I’m leaning towards the Lightsheer, just because it’s been around longer and is the more proven device for my hair type. Even though the girl doing it is not quite as experienced as the girl with the Aurora, she’s still got four years under her belt and loads of training hours and satisfied customers. The girl who’s been doing laser treatments longer still admitted she’s only been using the Aurora for 7 months and hasn’t really seen the longer-term results of it. I guess since I trust both of them to be skilled in their field, the decision has to come down to the machine.

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You have a tough decision ahead of you and if at all posible wait a few weeks longer and see how things start to grow in on the areas treated. 4 to 5 weeks should be sufficient to start seeing regrowth if the treatments were of a sufficient energy.
I have only had the lightsheer used on me and I have found it effective but the Aurora might also be a good machine just less opinions on it as it is a newer machine compared to the lightsheer.

Good luck and hope you find satisfaction.


Since the Lightsheer is cheaper and you have coarse hair and light skin I would go with the Lightsheer. The fact that Lightsheer treatments are cheaper is an added bonus. It is quite surprising that the Lightsheer treatments are cheaper than the alexandrite.

I like the Aurora for fine hairs but that is not applicable to you.


salamander: which areas are you having done with the lasers?

I’m doing the lower legs first because that’s where I have the most pain shaving. If I’m satisfied with the results I may move on to other areas of the body.

RJC2001, I think the only reason the alexandrite was more expensive was because it was at the dermatologists office. The other two places are Advanced Laser Clinics (Lightsheer) and American Laser Centers (Aurora) which seems more like this is one of their specialties, so they offer guarantees and such.

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