I've been getting my treatments...

Hey all.

I have had 7/8 laser removal treatments on my neck. (im male).

However, i always take a break from june - october, to be sure to avoid any risks since i might get some sunburn during those periods.

I have noticed that the hair comesback thinner, but i’ve had 7 to 8 treatments already (can’t really remember). Is it supposed to take this long? Would electrolysis be more effective?

I just had my last treatment about 1.5 months ago and some of the hairs are back.

Btw, if anyone is from Maryland/VIrginia/DC, i know a great hair removal place (where ive been getting mine). I get discounts all the time, and was offered 4 treatments on my front body (chest and stomach) for $1100. Which is really cheap if you ask me.

How much of the original hair remains? If the remaining hair is fine and/or light, it would probably be best to finish with electrolysis. The great thing about electrolysis is that it can be used year-round. Sun worshipping is no reason not to get electrolysis.


what laser was used on you? what is your hair and skin type?

RJ, i am thiking about electrolysis. But is electrolysis more expensive than laser treatment?

and LAgirl,
I have medium black hair. Not coarse. But now, they’re fine.
I also don’t know what laser was used.


Find out what laser was used on you. Was your hair shedding every time? About what percentage of reduction have you achieved so far? What settings do they use on you? In a large number of cases where laser doesn’t work and you have light skin and dark hair, it is usually due to lack of experience on the technician’s part and too low settings for laser to even kill the hair. Also, the type of laser matters as well as some clinics don’t even use real lasers and refer to them as lasers. Another issue could be hormonal in which case your body will keep producing new hair even when some is killed.

Electrolysis price varies, but averages about $60/hr across the country. How long it will take depends on the skill of the electrologist and in part on what method they are using…some are faster than others.