Iv tried everything

Ever scince I started growing hair, I wanted to get rid of it. But what is even more embressing is razor bumps. I can not trust anything on the market! For the first 5 years Iv been using a regular dubble bladed razor, and nobody would tell me what those bumps were, NOT EVEN a PHARMISIST! So I was clueless of what was wrong with me for a long time and nobody cared to help me, not even a doctor. Last year this woman told me what they were and that I should use a lufa and alachol and peroxide. So I did that…then I finally had the nerve to get waxed, but I was still getting bumps like crazy! Then I bought an Emjoi, uuuh anyone with experiance of these knows what they do, I have scars from the thing, not only that but I’v found that epilating makes your hair grow doubble or tripple hairs out of one folicle! And I’ll get bumps again and again. So I’v been studying herbs and recently been taking alot of herbal baths this past spring, I had few bumps. Then the summer came, bump season! Yesterday I bought an electric Remington razor. I really hope this method works. I am sick and tyared of this, I cant afford a lazer method. It makes me so depressed, incofident. Oh and last week a friend told me to stop wearing underwear, so I did and Im really clearing up again My goal is to be hair free as well as bump free.

I’m so sorry. I share your pain. My only suggestion is to save money until you can afford laser hair removal . ALSO, try not to do anything that will cause scaring until then. I have several white scares in my bikini line, from waxing, tweezing, shaving, trying to remove razor bumbs ect.