Its gotten worse after laser!!!!

I had little hair on my upper arms before laser treatment.

I was treated twice with Epitouch Alexandrite, but the practitioner was an obvious idiot, who undertreated me (used a low intensity, if I remember it was 20 or 21) and gave me terribly patchy results.

I then switched to a new clinic, where I treated my legs and continued my arms (same machine though). 4 treatments on each.

My legs are not bad… My lower arms are not bad, though not what Id expect from 6 treatments.

My upper arms, shoulders specially, have hair all over now, long and dark. I never had that much over there…

What should I do? Treat this area with a higher intensity? Not treat it? please help

I have dark black hair and white skin

My legs were

please ignore “my legs were”… typing error

Most likely, you feel you had more hair, when compare to other smooth parts of your body. It is also likely all those hair grow up in almost the same time.
You will need more treatments, I’d say.

No no no… I paid for the full arms package, and I had NO HAIR at all on most parts of my shoulders. I just had a scattered few

I did not treat my back, and I can clearly make out a line between my back and my shoulders, where my shoulders grew significantly hairier.

I want to know if I should treat this hair or just run away from laser altogether!!!

What I’ve learnt is that laser has been replaced by INTESNSE PULSE LIGHT which is much better technology… it seems as though youve had an outdated laser treatment which had no effect…

How old are you? Your hair keeps growing all the time. If you are in your early-mid 20’s, it’s just natural. It probably would’ve grown there anyway. However if the area that has been treated has relatively more hair than the areas adjacent to it, that’s a different story.

I would say that if you have pale skin and dark hair and were treated at only 20J that you were probably undertreated.


I am 22

The hair that has grown on my shoulders is significatnly more… abundant than the untreated area right next to it.

I dont know what caused this… I just want to know if I should treat this new growth… or will it get worse if I trat it again

Hello James

I would try and treat the areas that appear to have sprouted the new hair.

At 22 you could be a long way from being finished recruiting new follicles into growing mature hairs.

I used to think I was hairy in my mid twenties that was until I saw the amount of back, butt and arm hair that grew in right through my late twenties. I waited till I was past 30 before starting any major permenant removal and have had very good results so far with using both laser and electrolysis.

Now that I am in my mid thirties I still have new hairs sprouting up on places like my shoulders, ears and hands that were never there before. I consider this a normal part of being a man. I jokingly say that the hairs are just migrating off the top of my head :smile:


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migrating of the top of your head, ahahah that’s funny man, 1st time i heard that one!

I hope you’re just not another victim of laser induced hair growth. Read this thread:;f=43;t=000647

If I got a few more hairs in scattered treted places, Id understand.

But I now have it all over my shoulders.

PS My legs are wayyyyyyyyy better though and showed good results.