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Hi there!

Just writing to tell how is everything going.
It’s about half a year since I started having done electrolysis on my back. I 've been to one electrologist for three treatments and then to another for two last treatments. The reason I tried the other one were:

  • money (the other, knowing the first from the electrolysis course, as I got to know, is 3 times cheaper!!),
  • attitude (the first one was very sure of herself, to my questions about blemishes, hair regrowth she answered very briefly, like “everything is all right, and that is all you need to know”, or with theories which seemed homemade)
  • blemishes (discolouration - the least reason, as people here informed me it is temporary)
  • sterility - the second one uses my personal needle, unlike the first one
  • attitude - the first one didn’t care if there were other people in the room when I was treated and the other way round (since they were women, it was a slightly unpleasant situation for me, but I guess for them it was really awkward) - however since I was there primarily for hair epilation, its effectiveness counted most than other things
  • sheer curiosity (I always allow for something that I might not have taken into account)

And as far as now I am very happy I have changed.
First reason is the money. The differences in the treatment are:

  • now it takes a bit longer treating one hair (needle stays for longer in the follicle, I feel like she is moving the needle around a little), I don’t hear the hiss-sound beside one time, when it was close to my ear
  • I feel a little plucking sensation, which may be not good - I do not know (with the first electrologist I didn’t feel it, or, sometimes, I felt it like this normally feels when you pluck a hair out) maybe the speed of plucking is to account for this
  • my back looks healthier after the procedure :wink: (I mean there wasn’t so much redness after the treatment as after the first 3 treatments, the skin seems to heal faster)
  • I feel less pain during the procedure than I did before
  • she’s more informative and caring in approach

It may be to soon to jugde and compare the outcome, I think the first one still has done much good work, however leaving me with skin discoulouration (which I was afraid may be scars) and little money. I look forward to write about results from the second one.

PS. If somebody could tell me what is important during electrolysys procedure to make it more effective, I would be grateful (like what settings of the machine make the treatment more effective and what are their side-effects).


I’ll take a shot at sending you my opinions on your topic.

First…without knowing how much hair you have on your back, I have to say that if you have only gone for 5 treatments in 6 months, you are in for a very long time to completion, even if your 5 sessions were fairly long.

Certainly nothing wrong with going to an electrologist who charges less if all things are equal. Therein lies the rub. Quality of work first, then cost…since the less expensive electrologist might be doing poor quality work, costing you a lot more overall to get done. I am not saying either of your electrologists are doing poor quality work, only that lower cost (per hour) doesn’t always mean lower cost to finish you up.

I am a believer in educating my clients thoroughly. By the time they have been coming to see me for a short while they know exactly how everything works, and what to look for to know if they are getting good quality treatment. So when I hear of an electro who chooses not to be informative, I feel like they might be missing the boat. She certainly did in your case! She lost you!

To address a couple of the things you mentioned…

Blemishes: Are you talking about redness (temporary) or brown, freckle like spots (scabs) that are indeed temporary (but ot acceptable to me), or last, are you talking about actual darkening of the skin (hypo-pigmentation)? Hypo-pigmentation of the skin may or may not go away…and if it does, it can sometimes take months to disappear. Better to not get it in the first place.

Sterility: I am in California. Here, the state does not require disposable probe usage. Some electrologist use probes over and over. In truth, if they follow proper cleaning and sterilization techniques, there should be no risk to you whethter they use the same probe on you that they used all the times before, or a probe that was used on someone else before you. Again, proper sterilization is the key here. And since you are not around to see it happen, ycan only trust the electrologis to do it correctly. Personally, I wouldn’t have an electrologist work on me if I couldn’t watch her/him open up a fresh probe in front of me. But that is just my opinion and preference.

Attitude/privacy: While some electrologist seem to take very little consideration of a clients privacy, as in your case I believe this can lead to a great deal of discomfort on the part of the clients in the room. I have a totally separate waiting room from my treatment room, and do not even put up a sign on my outer office door. This calls for additional instructions for my first time clients when they are locating me, but they all say they like it.

Takes longer per hair: It is possible the first electrologis was using Thermolyses (heat only) which typically takes only 1-2 seconds per hair. The second may busing Blend (combination of heat and chemical treatment) which takes longer per hair. Ask someone who treats with either method and they will likely say their treatment is the best. I learned from one of the finest teachers in the busines, and without going into all the details, she switched from Thermolysis to Blend as her treatment of preference. I have pretty much continued to use Blend, almost exclusively and get fine results. I do believe however that effectiveness is more a matter of the proper insertion, than of the method used. Can’t tell you what the hissing sound is…never heard that in my years of practicing.

If the hair follicle is treated properly, the hair should release without any, or at least very little resistance. So in my opinion, you should not feel a plucking/tweezing sensation. Of course we all get that once in awhile, but it should be the exception during your sessions, not the rule.

To sum up answers to your last paragraph:
I tell clients to look for clean neat office/treatment space. Clean neat electrologist…dirty fingernails for example might indicate a lack of caring for sterility and sanitation. Look for some sign that your electrologist has gone to and passed a quality course of instruction, and has a current state license if one is required in your state. Regarding settings: There are many machines and each has it’s own settings. You pretty much have to trust that your electrologist knows the maching and is using the proper setting. I have a theory or two however…first “no pain, no gain” is never truer than in electrology. You are going to have some stinging if you are going to get results. I go for the highest setting my client can comfortably tolerate that causes no adverse skin reaction. I call it the “optimal Setting.”

As to side-effects: If you are black, hispanic, asian, phillipino, or any other nationality with a high melanin content in your skin, beware of hyper/hypo-pigmentation. This takes about 6 weeks to show up, but usually months to disappear, and sometimes never goes away. Scabs in my opinion are unacceptable. Scabs are a result of heat reaching the surface of the skin, causing a burn. They should be a signal for the electrologis to question what is being done wrong and correct it. I’ll probably get lots of opposition on this opinion, but none of it will cause me to change my opinion. Scabs are unacceptable.

I don’t know if I have answered your questions well enough, but feel free to write if I can be of further assistance.

Bert Stead

First of all, many thanks for your comprehensive reply. Yes, I would readily accept any further info from you.
Below I have addressed the issues you dealt with in your reply. I am especially interested if info I have added on blemishes, plucking, method and scabs give You any better idea what it is so you can provide me with additional advice.
thank you for your effort.

Yes, I agree with you that cheaper per hour does not mean cheaper in the end. I hope this is not the case in my situation. the second electrologist is, I feel, more precise, though slower. But let’s get to details.

blemishes: they are actually reddish/pink. they are fading, but I still have some which I believe I have from treatments with the first electrologist (the last such treatment was ca 2 months ago), since now my back looks a lot healthier, and the after-treatment redness vanishes faster. they are no freckle-like, rather acne-scar-like

sterility: I have witnessed the first electrologist use the needle on a female patient’s upper lip, which was right after used on me (she had no time to clean it, maybe except with spirit soaked cotton pad - which btw I haven’t seen either)
the current one uses my personal needle.

privacy: you’re making a good example - such approach surely makes people more trusting (I personally do not put it in the first place, but appreciate it - good to know that your electrologist cares for you, not only money)

thermolysis/blend: they both call it here electrocoagulation (which probably means the same as electrolisys, not giving away the method), but they were studying the method together (as I mentioned) so I believe they do the same one.
I did not see any of them using any chemical during or before the procedure. does this mean its thermolysis?
the hissing sound - she (the first e.) told me its the sound of follicle protein setting.

plucking - that is the biggest worry for me, since with the first e. I mostly didn’t feel the plucking. with the current one I feel it slightly (so it is not so like normal plucking sensation, but I was wandering if the speed of plucking may be the case here (the latter one is doing that in rather slow motion, whereas the first one did everything quickly)
or could this be a hint that she uses to low a setting on her machine?

I had always scabs after visits to my first e., which made me itchy over two-weeks time.
now I have no/almost no scabs (if they are, they are almost unnoticeable). I am of european ancestry (Polish to be exact)

I think I can address that hissing sound you are referring to. In thermolyis, particularly flash thermolysis the hissing sound is heard when the follicle is zapped at too high a setting and Mike Bono’s book refers to it as Blowout of the follicle I believe.
The machine I use is this type and I’ve heard it once or twice and then lowered the setting to accommodate. It also seems to happen in a moister location such as the bikini area if the setting is too high.

Thanks !
that would make sense with the manifestations I had, compared to what is now (different electrologist and my back seems to heal a lot faster, without scabs etc.) and when taken together with Bert’s remarks it seems that this is indication of misuse of the technique

HI, I had emailed two times and waited real long like 2 weeks. So can you guys read my posts again and tell me which electrologist I shoudl go to. I live in North NEw JErsey. I can go in New York City or around here. Help me guys and Andrea and Mr. Walker. I hadte my face myself. I am too down feel too bad. bye now

I am not from there - but have already learnt about a guy named fino gior (he’s got his www page

and there I found this address:

The Medical Center, Suite 111
15 Bond Street, Great Neck, NY 11021

this guy is generally recommended by Mr Walker to all around NY

good luck

ps. however I wonder how You came to post this as a follow-up for this thread :0 - You would have had your answer sooner & probably more informative if you’d posted it as a new thread

I am not from there - but have already learnt about a guy named fino gior (he’s got his www page

and there I found this address:

The Medical Center, Suite 111
15 Bond Street, Great Neck, NY 11021

this guy is generally recommended by Mr Walker to all around NY

good luck

ps. however I wonder how You came to post this as a follow-up for this thread :0 - You would have had your answer sooner & probably more informative if you’d posted it as a new thread

Fino is a very fast thermolysis operator. If you are lucky enough to get scheduled with him (He is often booked SOLID) you will get bare faced very quickly indeed!

Be sure to use Aloe, Aloe-cortisone, and Tea Tree Oil during your healing for a faster return to smooth, beautiful skin.

Sahara,I have been away and apologize for the delay. Check your email. Hang in there. There is help!

hi, thanks guys for ur reply. I have went to Finos website and gone through whole thing. It seems he knows what his talking about. But I have read on this thread that there is discoloration hypo pigmentation to ppl of hispanic, black, n asian origin. I have olive type of skin. So that means I will get discoloration? I dont want scabbing or anything. My face is already a messs. Im just too upset about it. I will contact Mr. Fino . anyways take care u guys and thanks again for the help. Bye now