It's been a little while...

Hi all,

hope everyone is having happy holidays! It’s been awhile since I’ve felt up to posting anything, so sorry about that.

Things are going very well for me hair-wise, that’s probably why I don’t feel as compelled to come in and visit. Although, I have also had some other health problems that keep me stressed and lacking energy to focus on this issue, so that’s another reason why I haven’t been here.

Anyway, just wanted to give a quick update.

I have continued treatments on my chin and upper lip. I’ve lost count now, maybe I’m on 8, I think. I just have some stubborn hairs that don’t want to let go or it’s the ones that are just now in the growing phase. It’s not all that much and easily controllable with a quick shave since the hairs are just slightly thicker than the normal hair so I don’t think I could bleach successfully and I definitely don’t want to pluck. I still haven’t taken the electrolysis plunge, although I do want to and I think that would definitely get rid of the few hairs I have left. One of these days when I am feeling up to it…

Underarms continue to have just a few hairs remaining and I think I must have just had treatment 9. It’s really not much left at all and I should probably just leave the tiny bit alone and quit paying money, but I just feel like I started something and I want to see it through to the end. I guess the end for me would be once the price goes back up to full cost instead of the half price I am paying now. That’s next April, so we’ll see what happens between now and then. I could probably look into electrolysis for this area, too, to get rid of what’s left.

I had quit treatments on my abdomen after the 4th, thinking I would start electrolysis on this area. But, 4 or 5 treatments later on everything else, and I still haven’t been to the electrologist, I decided to get another laser treatment this past Tuesday. There were still quite a few slightly thicker hairs coming in. I’m not sure if they were new or what happened there, but I was tired of continually having to cut them down.

I also started treatment on the bikini area. I just had the 2nd treatment and everything went well both times. I think the hairs on the area that are higher up on the leg reacted very well to the first treatment and I see a reduction already. The areas that were lower down the leg didn’t seem to have much ofa change the first time so we’ll see what happens.

Well, that’s my story for now.

Take care and good luck to all! Hope we all have a better year in 2005!!