itchy skin after waxing

i recently had my legs waxed for the very first time, and a few days later the hair started growing back in and it was really course. my legs are itchy and i have the odd bump where the hair follicle is. will this go away on its own, or should i try a cream

Sounds like the bump may be an ingrown hair. You probably should have exfoliated to help reduce ingrown hair. There is a product called Tend Skin ( that is supposed to be good at reducing ingrown hair.

As far as the itching, It always happens to me after I wax, when the hair starts to regrow and break through the skin surface. I think it is because my leg hair is so thick and dense.

Some people get a slight skin reaction from the wax or other products used. This dermatits usually clears up with a mild cleanser and a soothing gel like aloe.

You should definitely exfoliate and moisturize. Use a good body scrub on your legs. I like the Freeman and California Legs brands myself.

The bumps are probably ingrowns. Many find Tend Skin helps.

You may see a lot of growth if the waxing broke off a lot of hairs at the skin’s surface. Some waxers are better than others, but even the best will break off a few. Someone who is not very good can really break off a lot of them.