OK - I’m extremely new to epilating… I’ve been doing it for about a month and I still haven’t gotten totally smooth on my legs. It seems like a lot of the hair ends up getting broken off all the time and turns into red ‘bumps’ with a white top to them - they kinda look like tiny pimples, but I know they’re not. I’ve gotten some very minor infections too at first, but I’ve been able to avoid any new ones now, with the help of reading this great forum.

I’ve been using a homemade ‘tend skin’ formula for this as well as the obvious ingrowns and it definitely seem to be helping… I’ll notice an ingrown that’s about ready to come out and after only a couple hours after applying my alcohol-aspirin formula, I notice that the hair is freed and I can then pick it out with a sterilized tweezer. I have to pick it out VERY slowly though(I kinda have to pull it tight and wait for it to release itself), because these seemingly ‘first-generation’ hairs seem to have a very, VERY STRONG root in my skin. If I pull too fast they almost invariably break.

ANYHOO - my main question is that I’ve been epilating on my legs for a little over a month now… I can be at home in my boxers(I’m a 36yo single hetero male) and not have TOO much itching, but when I put pants on to go out - well, that’s a whole 'nother story. It wasn’t all that bad when I first started, but it seems to be getting worse now…

Is this just a ‘break in’ period - will it go away?? If so, is there anything I can use that is VERY cheap and doesn’t smell in any way?

Thanks for any help on this itching problem. I’d also like to open up discussion on epilating in general. Note though that I’m not near a point where I want permanent removal yet.

Really - nobody has had a problem with itching after epilating - or even shaving?

I’m looking for a low-cost and non-smelly solution to the itching problem…
(Sorry for the original post above, I can be a little long-winded sometimes. :sleep: )


P.S. I DID search the forum for variations surrounding the term ‘itch’, but didn’t come across anything relevant.

What you are describing sound like ingrown hairs, or PFB bumps. If you just started removing your leg hair you probably have a lot of them. It is exactly what Tend Skin is for and it can help. They are ‘normal’ for some depending on skin type. They may get better with time (they did for me) but may not go away completely.

As for the itching, ever see that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer warns Jerry not to shave his chest because he won’t be able to stop because the itching from the hair growing back will be unbearable? It is true, at least for some. I don’t use a rotary epilator because the hair has to be well into the itching stage for it to grab onto the hair and remove it properly. You might want to try shaving instead, where the length of the hair won’t matter.

People have asked me why I would find it necessary to have electrolysis or laser on my legs when I could just shave or wax. The ingrows and the itching are exactly why :crazy:

You say that the itching starts when you put your pants on. It could be your laundry detergent. Ms. Sensitive Skin here has been using Cheer-Free and All Free Clear for years. Switching detergents made a huge difference. My back can torture me with itching.

The alcohol in the “tend skin” is very drying and will make the itching worse. Dab it only on the individual ingrown hairs.

My favorite anti itching products (Sarna, Band-Aid Anti-Itch Gel) contain camphor. I love the smell, lol. But the smell vanishes quickly.

I don’t think Calamine lotion has a smell. You could also try soaking in Aveeno Colloidal Oatmeal bath, or make your own at home. Aveeno also makes creams and lotions, but I’ve never tried them.

Moisturizers, aloe, and witch hazel will also help with itching.