It takes TWO!!!

If you are following the "Clear & Wait’ strategy, remember that not much seems to happen after only ONE clearance. Here’s a nice example.

The first photo shows the client before treatment. The second photo shows the client 4-months after ONE clearance (50% less hair, but still not looking very good). The last photo is the client 4-months after the SECOND clearance (now he can be a "believer’ in electrolysis).

Don’t lose hope early-on with electrolysis. Give us a CHANCE to show you "our stuff.’ BTW this is the client that will (maybe) appear in my Youtube video; the problem is that there was not enough hair to really show "fast blend’ very well. (Note: the mark you see on the back is from a barbell … )

How long did it take him to get the first clearance? How many hours per week, etc?