It seems like my hairs are never in the right phase for treatment-???

I have been going to my Blend practitioner two times now for some hair on my neck, but both times she has removed several hairs and showed me that they have no root and that they aren’t in the growth phase. She says it’s meaningless to treat them in this resting phase, which of course is true (although I have heard that they atleast can become thinner if treated in the resting phase).
But the disturbing thing is that the hairs haven’t been growing in for more then like 2-3 weeks - how can they already be in the resting phase? Shouldn’t the growth phase last several weeks to months?
My practitioner removed one hair from my shoulder that happened to be in the growing phase and had a root and she showed me how it looks. It was like a tiny bit of tissue at the bottom/root of the removed hair while the ones without roots were just hair all the way down.
Am I supposed to remove the hairs as soon as they are visible above the surface? But that way it’s not possible to wait for all the hairs or atleast most of them to grow in before I get treated.

I think that hairs on the body have a longer growing phase than hairs on the face/neck. The reason a lot of people are advised to have electrolysis once a week is because no hair (as far as I know) has a growing phase of less than 7 days. You don’t want to wait for “all the hair” to grow in because then only some of it will be in the right phase. Better to have a shorter appt. more often than a longer appt. less often. 15 minutes every week is going to have a bigger impact than an hour every month, even though I know it is more expensive.

People, if I am wrong about this, please let me know, but I know that I’ve seen the most permanent results when I’ve been disciplined about having electrolysis every week.

Hope this helps.

The neck is an area with a longer life cycle. Weekly visits are not necessary as long as you get a full clearing at each visit. It sounds to me as if you are getting bad work and maybe the tech is pulling hair which would result in a bulb (root) with no end. A hair in it’s active state grows well above the surface of the skin. Two to three weeks growth is not necessary either. With a full clearing you should be able to have visits every 6 to 8 weeks.

I did get a full clearence yesterday. But I did feel some pulling sensation when my practitioner removed the hairs after they had been “needled”. But it didn’t feel as if one would pull a fully attached hair out. It felt slightly pulling and then the hairs slided out.
Should a hair that has been correctly removed and that is in the growing state have a peace of tissue (root) at the end? My practitoner showed my the removed hairs and they had no tissue at the end and she said its because they aren’t in the growing phase.

I have nearly nine years experience with Thermolysis electrology. while similar to others as far as removing hair
I beleieve it’s the most effective just from what I’ve seen from clients who have been to our office with previous work.
A big caution is that it can cause great scarring if in the wrong hands. As far as your question a hair in it’s active stage will almost always have a root or bulb. Blonde headed people will have lighter bulbs. The only time you may not see one is if the hair is a small,fine hair. A dormant hair or one which is not active will have a bulb that looks like a small ball of wax. If you have ever plucked a hair you may have seen what I am talking about. A properly removed hair in it’s active stage will not give a tugging sensation the hairs should slide out easily. A dormant hair can give that sensation. However, if you are shaving on a regular basis you should be able to go in with 3-5 days growth and have 95 percent active growth. I hope this helps.
I have seen a lot of bad work and excuses.

i am an electrlogist and laser practitioner from london and ur case remainds me of a client of mine that proved very difficult to treat but in the end we worked out the right technique for her!

she was is her early 20s, asian origin and we were treating coarser hairs on her neck that seemed always in a catagen or telogen stage no matter how often she was coming in for treatments! thermolysis just didnt work for her no matter what intensity, needle type, lenght of current flowing i was using! she had tried a few other electrologists before that with the same effect! i think that the problem was that the hairs were very deep and by the time they come to the surfice of the skin they had past their active growng stage! in the end we were doing blend every 2 wks to clear the area and that finally seemed to reduce the hair in texture and time it needed to reappear!
unfortunatelly, she moved to another country and i dont know how is she progressing with her treatments!

hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply geri. My hairs aren’t very coarse, but maybe what you describe about your client, applies to me too - I don’t know. I thought the hairs my practitoner removed were still growing and thus were in the growing phase, but obviously I was wrong. I realy hope though that I don’t end up to be on of those impossible cases, I hope Blend will get rid of the hairs. Now I have had some regrowth from the last Blend treatment and the hairs seem to have a little bit of difficulty getting through the skinn, they look like irritated dots before they penetrate the skinn. But maybe thats because of the angle in which they grow, they don’t grow straight out of the skinn.