It is safe to switch from Alexandrite to LightSheer

Hi All,

I have had about 8 treatments on my back and shoulders with Gentlase Alexandrite laser (at about 12-16 J/CM(2)). It really didnt help me much. A new practitioner suggests I use the LightSheer at around 22-24 J. Is this good suggestion?

Is Lightsheer a good option? Will it cause redness on my skin. Although the Alexandrite didn’t work, it was fine for a few months and my skin was clear. I prefer that over unknown problem that Lighsheer might cause.

Please help/. thanks so much
PS…I’m male, 24 years old. perfect skin/hair color for laser hair removal.

The Alexandrite laser is the best option. But you didn’t get good results because the energy used was too low. You said you’ve been treated with 12-16 Joules/cm2, and that’s way too low. If you want to change to Lightsheer, 22-24 Joules/cm2 is also way too low. WIth the lightsheer you should start with at least 35 Joules/cm2. I’ve had treatments with both the Lightsheer and GentleLase, and I have to say that I’ve had more success with GentleLase, especially on fine hairs.

Thanks. But the reason I used a low intensity was because it was really painful. I asked the practitioner to do so.

My new practinioner suggests I use a topical anesthetic called EMLA cream with Lightsheer laser. But i’m really afraid to use these drugs, plus I don’t want the intensity to be too high because it may cause damage to my skin.

So many hard decisions!!

low settings are a waste of time and money. people who are getting good results on these forums all use settings of 30 joules and up. if you can’t or don’t want to handle the pain, you probably shouldn’t waste your money. EMLA can only be used on very small areas.

The Alexandrite is the best, you might want to find a doctor that uses the Apogee 5500 or Elite made by Cynosure. Candela’s gentelase has a fixed pulse width, while the Cynosure product does not. That is the main reason for why you don’t see any results.

Hope that helps.