It didn't work?

I’ve been having eyebrow treatments since January. I’ve been going every saturday up until the last 3 weeks. My electrologist took a month long vacation which is why I stopped treatment. I’ve not seen any results at all. I have had 2 electrologists. One I stuck with for 4 months but I decided to try someone else since who I found from this forum. So for the last 3 months I’ve had treatments with her. I do have to say her method seems better. I don’t feel plucking from her and she gives me 45-60 min treatments even though she charges me for 30 min. Yeah it takes that long to clear my eyebrows. Is this normal to see no improvements after this long? Its one of those things where I don’t want to waste any more money if its not gonna work but at the same time I don’t wanna give up.

I would love to see a picture of what your brows looked like before you started and what they look like now. If there is no change at all, then I would be concerned that tweezing alone had occurred.

If the first electrologist wasn’t providing enough treatment energy to destroy the follicle’s hair growing ability, then you must look at your treatments as if you started 3 months ago - not last January. You should be seeing some progress by now. Shorter time used to clear the brows?

I have some questions for you: After being cleared, how soon do you see hairs again? What do those hairs look like? Are they coming in as soft tapered hairs, or are they coming in with a blunt, stubbly feeling (to the touch)?

Ah, “eyebrows!” For the most part, I hate eyebrow patients. Most of you have been tweezing for years. I do one treatment and you start “screaming at me.” At every appointment, you will say: “Look at this ‘all the hairs have grown back’.” Every one of you (except for a few) continues complaining throughout the entire process; even though I end up spending hours explaining the process.

My last eyebrow case came in, after a couple months, bitterly complaining, “Do you think this is working at all, just look at all the hairs that came back!” She had THREE hairs. Seriously, I don’t know what it is about “you people” but you drive me crazy. I have fewer problems doing an entire man’s beard, or a man’s back and chest, than with you “neurotics.”

Then, of course, there are unrealistic expectations. You want the brows to match perfectly! However, nature did not give you perfect brows to begin with. How can I duplicate the perfect shape if the hairs are not there to allow this? My most memorable eyebrow case went like this. After discussing her case, I removed ONE hair. She jumped off the table and said: “You removed the wrong hair … now I’m ruined for life!” It took me a full 40 minutes to calm her down, she was crying and “losing it.”

Basically, eyebrow cases are my “Kryptonite.” I will only do them as part of a larger treatment program, i.e., if I’m doing the woman’s legs, bikini or facial hair. For the newbees to the profession I have a warning: if you have an eyebrow case only … BEWARE! For the 2 hours of TOTAL treatment time, you will have 10 hours of grief. For me it’s never worth it, I send them to another electrologist.

Thanks for allowing me to “go off” on the dreaded eyebrow lunatics!

Oh, and specifically to “gamer chic?” I don’t believe you. I have never had an eyebrow case take more than, say, 3 - 4 hours TOTAL. Having treatments, every week, since January and “no results?” Well, either somebody doesn’t have their machine plugged in or you are a “story teller” with an agenda.

I have learned to not believe everything I read on the internet!

Youre the same big doubter like I :smiley:
But its true, not everything that one can read in internet is allso true.

The eyebrows have never been tweezing are my favorites, so I love when my male clients ask for it. They tend to be more confident and push against my advice. I have a little trick to avoid hearing the complaints of the ladies who have tweezing her eyebrows for years. Is to alert the location of the next outbreak of hairs that appears, this is usually predictable from the black spots, which precede the exit of the hair.

I agree, the frequency of sessions should now be 6 weeks and a few minutes on each eyebrow (of course, if the client has maintained her tweezer away from the eyebrows).

Electro-Confucious Say: Tweeze only the hairs that you want to keep. :grin:

I know Electro-Confucious very well!!!

I love doing brows. Of all the areas, they are the area that can make other people say, “Wow! You look great! What is different?” …and sometimes the client will say what is different and give my name!

There ARE obsessive people who point out specific hairs they want gone or want to keep…or want shapes that are not flattering…or won’t let me shape those crazy brows, yet do the rest of their face… (I have a client who could look like Gina McKee - if ONLY she would let me shape her brows)

While I can also be skeptical about a consumer’s statements, I have observed what I believe are poor treatment results - yet I don’t know exactly what that other electrologist did (or failed to do). Often, when consumers don’t answer those questions (how soon do you see hair and what does it look like) then I come to my own “conclusion” about the facts. Am hoping that other readers see through this, too.

Sometimes I have been tempted to offer clients like these a one way ticket to five of the worst places to be a woman on the face of the earth, according to the TRUST LAW website . When women are scorned for having baby girls instead of producing sons, after fearing for nine months that they may die delivering the baby, when they are genitally mutilated anywhere from age 4-11, sold as sex slaves, treated no better than goats and given no rights, I’d like to see if your client would still focus on one hair ruining her life.

I insist on the client holding a mirror for my eyebrow cases that are complicated. I give them a pointer and have them direct me as to where they want hair removed. If I think they are making a mistake, I urge then to leave certain hairs alone and think about it. They can even tweeze certain hairs and live with it and if they are sure that the hair needs to go, we will get it when the hair returns. Oh, about the mirror idea - with my magnification, as I observe the hairs they want gone, they move their head and instruct me to go here and then there and then back to here and Dee gets dizzy trying to keep up with the “wants”. So, I have to ask that they point out one or two spots at a time. Then there are the minutes I sit and wait for the client to say get this one, oh, no leave that alone, well, better get it.

I like the precision work of doing eyebrows and the patience it takes to work with some clients. I am not at all belittling them because this is a crucial area to get right. They trust us, but We have to trust them, too, thus, I hand responsibility back to the client (the mirror) when they have screwed up their eyebrows with years of bad tweezing and we have a back and forth conversation about what to do. I think many electrologists employ mirrors and good communication skills with their eyebrow clients. Now, if we can truly get some of them to stop tweezing and waxing while having elecrolysis on their eyebrows!

The hair grows back 2 days later. At first its thin and light then it gets dark and really noticeable. It still takes 45-60 min to get a clearance each week. Yeah I figured I’d have to count it as 3 months of treatments. My hair grows freakishly fast. Its like that everywhere though. I have the kind of hair where waxing only lasts a few days. Like I said in my earlier post my electrologist only charges me for a 30 min appointment and I think I know why. When I went for my consultation I asked her multiple times if she thought she could do the job in 30 min. If not I could make 45 min appointments. She said 30 min would be no problem. Well at the first appointment I think she realized my brows were a bigger job than she thought. So yeah for those who don’t believe my post for whatever reason, I’m sure my electrologist would love it if my brows would cooperate so she wouldn’t continue to lose money on me.

Ah I forgot something. So basically every time I get a clearance you can still see where the hairs underneath are going to pop up. Does that mean its just going to be never ending with me? I get a full clearance but there is always a never ending cycle of hair underneath.

What I see in your picture is an indication of tweezing - which if you are having treatments, it is likely that your electrologist is not balancing the timing and intensity high enough. It could be because he or she does not want to damage your skin. Sometimes big hairs like that need more current.

I think you should talk to your electrologist about your concerns, and the fact that you have posted here to ask questions. Instead of assuming things, ask her why is she working longer on you than what you are paying for? Ask her, “Are my hairs so coarse that they are breaking off in the skin?” (and you aren’t tweezing or waxing between treatments, right?)

There are so many things to balance with electrolysis…size of needle, depth of insertion, timing, and intensity…

These would have been my comments completely. Well said, Barbara! Pictures help tremendously. THANK YOU for submitting a QUALITY photo, g-chic. Tweezing, waxing, threading, sugaring - anything that rips the hairs out should never be done during a serious electrolysis plan to get rid of the hair. This is meant to be a general statement to all, not singling you out gamer. I can’t begin to express my disappointment when a client tells me they only tweezed a “few” hairs or that they just had to get waxed before a big event.

We have all done many cases like yours, gamer and it all ends well. The first six months are the hardest. Yes, talk to your electrologist.

Nope. Haven’t tweezed since before I started treatments. The reason its growing all thick like that is because I’ve been using a brow razor. She’s been on vacation for a month so I’ve been using one. Its looks great when I shave but then it grows back all gross. When I have treatments done it does not grow back that thick. A lot grows but not as thick as the pic.

Brow shapers are great! I recommend them for upper lips and sides of face, too!

If this is one month after a clearing, it is not so bad. I can see little circles of missing hair.

I’m sure your brows were more dense in the beginning.

Forgive me Josefa - I’ve completely forgotten my embedding lesson! I tried all the http things and could not get it in!

So electrologists say all the time that plucking eyebrows is okay but then why they experience hard time to do them ?

Plucking eyebrows , chin or anywhere in the face will cause the hair to regrow thicker and darker right ?

I don’t have a hard time doing eyebrows and I know my colleagues are very capable and comfortable in tackling an eyebrow situation, if the client doesn’t tweeze in between treatments.

If the client presents with a mess in regard to over tweezing or poorly shaped eyebrows or even worse, very few hairs to work with, then we may sound negative about doing an eyebrow case.

Electrologists do have their favorite areas to focus on. I like doing peach fuzz and large areas, whereas , one of my colleagues does not want to bother with peach fuzz and women’s eyebrows (you know who you are!).

As far as your last question, I answered that on another thread where you asked the same thing:
"Plucking eyebrows repeatedly can result in thinner hair or no growth of certain hairs if scar tissue develops. The eyebrow tissue area is very delicate, unlike the brute chin area. Scar tissue has no blood supply, thus, hair won’t grow. Many women have over tweezed their brows so much and incorrectly that now they can’t grow any eyebrows. I get so frustrated and a little terrified when a client asks me to do her eyebrows and when I look at them closely, I have NOTHING TO WORK WITH. They have tweezed the top arches away. They have tweezed away the ends and they have taken the beginning of their brows to the middle of their brow.

The chin area is different. The blood supply is better and the better blood supply bathes the area with male hormone, resulting in super-sized hairs in SOME women.

You bring up a very important subject that I am not sure has ever been resolved with good studies. Do any of our colleagues here on hairtell or beyond, know of any studies that prove that repeated tweezing or waxing on the face can cause hair to grow sturdier or is this an observational conclusions only?
Where’s the proof?"[/color]

Barbara, the link leads to your album, but we can not see the picture. I’ll try to put the picture through the steps. Gamer Chic, these photos show a case similar to your eyebrows.

Step 1. Put the image in “full screen”.
Step 2. Copy the image path.

Step 3. Select “enter an image” on Hairtell.

Step 4. Remove http// and paste.

Tomorrow I will make the complete sequence of the eyebrows. This is a very special case, I’m doing an experiment with this woman. I want to show how the Electrolysis CLOSE old acne scars.
Dear colleagues, you’ll love it!

Hi Gamerchic. Electrolysis always, always works. Whether it is Thermolysis, Electrolysis, or Blend this is infallible. If you do not feel that the hair is forced out, things have to go well.