Is waxing hairs on neck a good choice?


I have a patch of a mixture of fine hairs and more thicker hairs located on my neck (areas under the chin and along the sides). They are quite spaced out, but they are such an eyesore. I was just wondering what was the best option for me. I heard that waxing was a big NO-NO because this is a difficult area to wax and also because when you wax this area it stretches the skin and makes the skin loose, so that years later the skin on the neck looks bad. Is this true?

What about bleaching? Would this be a good choice? I’m brown skinned. Will bleaching cause a discoloration of my skin tone?

One last question, is it safe to use a combination of bleaching and waxing? Because I know you have to wait for the hair to grow to certain length before you can wax again, I was wondering if you could use bleach to conceal it for the time being?
Sorry for all the questions, I’m just really nervous b/c I have never done this before!
PLEASE HELP!!! :frowning:


If the hairs are thick, dark, or curly, you may find that waxing causes a lot of ingrowns. Stretching the skin to wax shouldn’t be a problem, but some women with darker skin can get color changes from plucking. maybe you know some darker-skiined women whose skin color is slightly different where they pluck their brows.

Because darker-skinned women often have special needs for hair removal, I suggest discussing your options with your doctor or dermatologist.

The bleach used on hairs is usually different than the bleaches used to lighten skin. If you have colored your hair, it’s ften a good indicator of how your skin responds to bleach, If you decide to try it, do a test patch away from your face where no one will see, like your armpit or leg. Same is true if you haven’t waxed before.Never start a new method of hair removal on your face, especially if your skin is darker.


Thank you so much. This is my first time ever considering methods of facial hair removal. My mother always told me to not worry about it, but as I get older, it is really starting to bother me. :fearful:

I was just wondering…how long does the bleaching work before it starts to wear off?

The area I want to bleach has never been shaved or anything like that, so the hair has a fine texture and isn’t very thick. Is this a very effective method for disguising facial hair? And can anyone recommend a good brand!!! And are there any side effects I should know about? :confused:

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If your skin is quite dark, bleaching can sometimes make the hair more noticeable. Sally Hansen is a common brand. You should treat any chemical like this the way you would a relaxer-- follow the instructions to the letter, and do a test patch away from your face where people won’t see. If it turns out OK, then try the neck hairs. Bleaching is like coloring your hair-- eventually you start to see dark roots. This varies by person and body area, but since the bleach only works on the part of the hair above the skin, you may need to do touchups now and then at a fairly regular interval.