Is waxing counterproductive?

Browsing this forum, for the first time I heard that waxing can increase hair growth – I’ve always heard it will, over time, lessen the growth. Is this true? Does anyone know if this is dependent on the area you are waxing? Such as, will waxing the legs or arms cause more hair growth, or is it just certain areas, like the face? Does anyone know what areas to avoid waxing?

In my opinion, waxing resulting in increased growth is dependent on the area AND physiological factors.

I have seen women who waxed their upper lip hair and/or eyebrows away…and then couldn’t grow any hair there…

I’ve seen other women who waxed and waxed and waxed, and finally got to a point where they couldn’t pull those remaining hairs out…they were so solidly anchored in the skin.

Leg hairs will often diminish with time as well as waxing - I’ve never seen it increase. I don’t know about arm hair…as I have seen it increase with time - but not aware of waxing being in that mix.

So, as an electrologist - I tell people that waxing the body shouldn’t cause a problem, but it might on the face. Another problem that can come with repeated waxing or tweezing on the face is ingrown hairs and pitted skin from the picking that goes with ingrown hairs.

Is there any way one can tell what effect waxing will have? Other than trying it…
Can you depend on the reaction of your body-hair to waxing overall to get an idea, or would you say it’s something strictly particular to each specific area?

The eyebrows and legs are the only places where simple plucking can build up enough scar tissue so that the follicle stops growing. Other areas, the structures are too deep. Legs will also lose hair with age, if a person’s circulatory system deteriorates. In the same way, eyebrows tend to lose hairs due to problems with the thyroid and liver.

Everywhere else, the regenerative process can lead to stimulation of thicker, and or, darker, and or, more new hairs growing.