Is using ice before laser bad?

Anyone have any idea? I’m doing my review on the Tria, and I find it’s very painful in areas, but using ice for 5-10 seconds first makes it feel WAY better. I know we want to heat the hair, so is using ice on the area first bad? I know clinics sometimes use it but professional lasers are more powerful… Thanks!

No thoughts from anyone on this?

The only thing I can contribute is this:

Using ice causes vasoconstriction (makes your blood vessels tighten up and decreases blood flow to the area). I’d think it would be a good idea to refrain from using the ice because you want the hair follicles to have a good blood supply before you go zapping them. I would ask your doctor for a Rx for EMLA (prescription anesthetic). I hope this helps!

Thanks, I’ve bought EMLA on eBay before it’s just expensive but that’s fine. I was only curious about the ice because I"ve seen online professionals doing it before pro laser and when I tried it it really made it pain free. I’ll most likely just try numbing cream then thanks!