Is this woman telling the truth?! Is thermolysis this dangerous??

This is the site of the woman I am talkning about:

It sounds very bad. Is thermolysis realy this bad and counterproductive (she says that thermolysis induces even more hair growth)?
I have had laser done to my back and would like some remaining and thinned hairs on my neck and shoulders removed with electrolysis of any kind, but this women is saying that hair that has been treated with laser is very difficult to kill of with electrolysis, be it thermolysis or galvanic.

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No, she is not. Notice how, if you read the whole page, she claims that she ALONE is the only competetent electrologist. This is preposterous beyond belief in itself, but she also sinks even lower and takes pot shots at E-2000, as well as claiming that she has a special technique that no one else knows. This is bull. There are three and only three ways of doing electrolysis: Galvanic, thermolysis, and blend.

Her website is nothing more than an advertisement designed to scare you into using her services. All of my work, and there has been a lot, has been thermolysis and I am now hairfree, with no scars or any problems to speak of. I’m firmly convinced that operator skill and experience is probably more important than the modality used, though everyone has their preferences.

Don’t buy it. Ask around and find people happy with their work and who are willing to show you results. This is far more important than being scared by an online prophet of doom.

Thankyou for your answer!
I’m glad to hear from you that thermolysis works. It’s awful how this woman scares people.
Are you still getting treatments for your beard (I read you other posts)?
And how is it going with the body hair? I read about your experience with IPL and I must say that your practitioner sound strange changing the settings all the time. I undergo IPL treatments and all treated hairs shed (but then most of it comes back after like five weeks, but the hairs get thinner and thinner and some actual reduction can be seen too).

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It has been a long time since I heard from you WereNotAfraid. I am glad to know that you are now another person who is “Done and happy”.


Yes, I am still getting treatments done. About an hour every other week or so will completely clear whatever facial hair I have left, and I have now begun treatment on the nape of my neck, as well as some (more) shaping of my eyebrows. As I mentioned, I have had nothing but thermolysis and I am very happy with my results.

I gave up on IPL and, in fact, got most of my money back. The woman I went do didn’t know what she was doing,and anyway I would have been better spending the money on facial hair removal and NOT on body hair. I’ve since had an orchiectomy and body hair is thinning and reducing (slowly but surely) anyway, so all that money was wasted. If I ever decide on any more laser or similar, it won’t be fore at least another year and only then if my electrolysis treatments are completely finished.


I am not sure that some of these folks would know what an orchi is, but congratulations on that. That should help with the body hair no doubt. I am going for the big one very soon, so that should help with my body hair problems better than the spiro I am on.

How many hours have you had of electrolysis for your face?
I am up to 90 hours now, and it seems to be getting better all the time.

I am glad that it is working for you. Good Luck!