Is this usual?

Well Iv’e just had my back and chest waxed, which I have to admit was not as painful as I expected it to be but as I got home I noticed some little problems.

I stil could feel something that resembled stubble after being waxed, this was not just in individual places but in quite a alot of places on my back and chest.

I paid £30 for both ym back and chest (Which is about $50 give or take), what I’m really wondering is, is this normal to have what feels like stubble left on your chest and back.
And if not, would it be probably more beneficial to go to a more expensive place (although places that do mens waxing are not so easy to find in England).

Thanks for your time,

its not super unusual for your first waxing to leave you with some stubbly spots. Usually these spots are either patches of broken hair or hairs that are just coming to the surface and were unknoticable under the longer hair that was concealing them. Especially if this is your first wax make sure to exfoliate using a loofa or pumice gloves, use a liquid or gel shower soap and follow with a moisturizer.
I wouldn’t worry so much about the cost of your waxing as a statement of skill. Look for an expierenced waxer using a quality wax, often the most expensive places put the least energy tword their waxing services.
good luck

Hiya, thanks for the advice, I’m thinking about changing waxing places anyways seeing as Iv’e found a couple of cheaper places.

Although the thing is the beautician didn’t do the neatst job but it isn’t just patches it’s most of my chest in general with hair growing through.

Thanks again,