Is this true about ingrowns and the body's reaction?

I read that when an ingrown hair forms the body first reacts with inflammation as it would with any other foreign body.
But then if the foreign body (the hair) can’t be removed the inflammation subsides with time and fibrous tissue if formed around the hair to separate it from the rest of the body.

So, should one try to dig out the ingrowns as early as possible before they become fibrouse bumps?

Will the fibrous bump remain even if you get out the hair later?

Before I underwent IPL treatments I had coarse hair which sometimes grew under the skin, but they grew sideways and never caused bumps. I still have three of these under my skin and you can see them, but no bump.
But now after IPL when the hairs are thinn they form first inflammations and then hard bumps when they become ingrowns and they seem to grow deep instead of to the side.

Must the bumps be removed with knife? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

From first hand experience, I’d say try to help those ingrowns out ASAP, including those you see growing sideways under the skin. If they don’t grow sideways, they can just curl continuously and create those pesky bumps. I’ve used a needle to dig into the bump and get the hair sticking out and then I let it heal for a while before doing another removal of it. After a month or more (depending on how big the bump got), the bump eventually disappeared. If you were to remove the bump with a knife, you’d probably get scar tissue and a permanent scar.