Is this the best?

I am currently trying to decide which is the best procedure to use. Currently I pluck hair from my pubic region. I is rather painful, but being in Iraq there are no other choices except for shaving. I have found shaving interesting to say the least. Its something about a straight blade on a curved surface. I usually nick myself 5-6 times. I read how dark hair on light skin is the best. Unfortunately I have light hair and light skin. Is there hope for a more permanent solution like laser for me? Or am I doomed with tweezers?

Electrolysis is your only hope for permanent hair removal.

There are IPL machines that also use RF that CLAIM to remove light hair but from everything I read, they don’t. As the person above said, Electrolysis is pretty much your only option for light hair.

Actually, it depends on how light your hair is whether laser hair removal will work on you. You should have a few places take a look and give you an opinion. But only go to places that have been around 4 or 5 years.

if your hair is pretty blond, electrolysis is probably the only way to go. but if it has some pigment, you can try to have a few test spots with an alex laser and see if there is enough to affect the hair.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I have decided to go with electrolosis as I want my hair gone. I now need to find a person that does guys in Missoula, MT. Thanks everyone.