Is this the advise I need to hear?

Thanks for the information James, much appreciated. After your response I have cancelled all my appointments with my previous electrologist and I again looked at all the listing of electrologists in my area and by chance rang up one of the main electrologist trainers in the area. She recommended me two people who she said she would trust. I have just been to one of them who only does electrolysis and is very experienced. She did a test patch and boy was I impressed. She works through a magnifying glass with lighting and also stated that she would never work through the naked eye. I did not feel the hair coming out once and the pain was also manageable. She stated that she only will be able to offer me 40 minute appointments each week and will work on the sides of my face one week and then the next week on my lip and chin and will rotate this way due to my skin type, as she does not work on the same area each week. She said she is very busy and will increase the time when available if I need it I am asain with olive skin. Is this the advise I need to hear??? Would I stil see success with a treatment plan such as this??? She is the first electrologist I have met over here who seemed to know exactly what she was talking about and was very confident about her work.

Congratulations for having tested the waters in the area, and collected enough information to find out who is good, and who is better.

I have not seen you, and I can’t say for you what the best treatment would be. I can say however, that the important thing is getting to the point where you are being cleared in the area that you are treating each and every time you go. If that is done, the area worked on will not need any treatment for about 3 weeks anyway. It may take a while to get to that point, but when you do, it is all down hill from there.

The set up I have allows me to do a 3 hour appointment on a person to get them as bare as possible in the shortest amount of time, so we can get to the maintenance phase in 30 days or less (not 30 treatments)

Depending on the equipment used, you may be able to do treatments in an area more frequently than one could with some others, but that becomes moot when you are getting total clearance in every session.