Is this permanent?

I am having a hard time seeing any results with elcotrolysis. I have dark hair on my thighs and a light skin color. I am thingking about trying laser to see if this hair removal method works for me but if it isn’t permanent, its almost not worth it. Any one know for sure or is it different for everyone?

It is different for everyone, lots of variable, and so on. However, legs are one of the places it has a better chance of success even with an unskilled technician. You just have to hope you have no scarring, sundamage due to exposure too soon after treatment, and on, and on.

Of course, I think you should stick with electrolysis, and maybe check out some more practitioners, but I don’t know what you are getting, and how much time you are putting into it.

Well I have been getting work done on my buttocks, thighs and tummy. We have been working on my buttocks for over a year. I go for appt’s once a week for an hour and still don’t know if Im getting results or not. It is so hard to tell.

I live in an area that there are only two electrologists and the other one I didn’t feel at all comfortable with. I don’t really know what else to do.

Do You think I should keep trying? I know the one Im seeing know has had proven successes because I have talked with them, but somehow I still can’t tell if its working for me.


The thing that would most help the average person is something most are now willing to do. If you take a before picture of the treatment area, and take pictures regularly during the process, you will have positive proof of your progress. This is never more important than in the early going.

If you want to increase the level of your success, and speed the time to your completion, try doing either longer appointments, or more frequent appointments for a little while. Keep in mind that until you get to first clearance, you are not in the best position to finish the rest of the hairs off with easy maintenance.

Im not sure what a full clearance actually means. If it means covering the whole area at a time she has done this many times before. Or does it mean the hair is permanently cleared in that area?

Hair removal is a long process, and you can only remove the hair that you can see at the time of treatment. There are lots of hair falling out just before the treatment.

If electrolysis does not work for you, you can try Laser.
Otherwise change to another type of electrolysis, of course I would recommend multi-probe galvanic for the benefit of high killing rate (compared to theormolysis). (It’s a lot harder to find multi-probe galvanic electrolysis, for the main reason you don’t get instant result (gratification).
I assume you are not with galvanic electrolysis.

Full Clearance means you have removed all unwanted hairs from the treatment area. Once you get to first full clearance, one can hope to remove future hairs as they come in, and keep the area visuall bare. If your treatment is fast enough, and your schedule is regular enough, you will be able to keep the look of being finished, while still working on the problem.