Is This "Package" a Good Deal?

Hi everyone!

I just had my first laser treatment on my underarms one week ago at the Renu Laser Spa ( They are a medical day spa. They advertised a $29 deal to all new comers for either underarms or upper lip, so I paid $29 to get my underarms done first time.

They offer a “package” if you join their Renu Elite Membership, which is an additional $129 for a year. With that comes discounts on their regular LHR - underarms go from $162 to $119, which still seems high for underarms.

But the catch is that with the membership, you get the “Shave Guarantee” which includes all future treatments in the same area at half price after you pay for 6 treatments. I asked the girl “Is that forever?” (longer than the year) and she said “I’ve never seen anyone need more than 6-9 treatments in the same area.” (Maybe because after 9 treatments the person gives up!)

But with this membership comes one free service, a cut and hair color (worth $129 for sure), a facial and manicure and pedicure, and something else can’t remember what.

Does this sound like a good deal??

I’m not even sure if I feel the LHR in my underarms has worked yet, it’s only been a week, I can’t get a close shave, and it APPEARS that there is a very small reduction in hair growth, but I can’t tell if that’s my wishful thinking or if it’s really true. RN said would take 2 weeks before I could see a reduction. !


  Just had my 14th tx on my back and i told the nurses we must crank up the energy or else we will break the world record of 22txs. We went with maximun setting 50j-5ms  apogee 9300.  My highest setting before this was 35j-5ms. The nurse told me an awful lot of people are complaining about not getting those promised results,  one guy is one 13 back tx and he,s pissed,  another lady is on her 9 th chin tx.


Are you using the exact same laser for all 14 treatments? The Apogee?

Are you getting any discounts for the amount of treatments you’ve needed?

Are you really white with dark hair?

I’m just wondering if my situation will turn out to be like yours.