Is this normal?

I have a question. I have been getting electrolysis, and have been happy with the results. However on certain areas like my toes and fingers there are black dots where the hair used to be and I was wondering if they will enventually go away or are they scars? (It’s been at least a couple of months since I treated those areas) Thanks

Perfectly normal, LA! You will have temporary hyperpigmentation on the toes and fingers for several months after treatment, 4-6 months is usual in almost every case I’ve seen for the toes and much less time is needed for healing for the fingers. I had these little brown marks on my toes for at least 4 months, maybe more, and now all looks great like nothing was ever done. So fear not, it’s all temporary.

Kindly suggest to your electrologist to warn clients about this negative side effect for the toes, so they don’t fret and worry about skin damage.