is this normal? skin HOT, swollen after treatment

Hello all,

this afternoon i had a blend treatment on the face, but i have experienced swelling and it feels as though my skin cannot get rid of the heat absorbed by the electrolysis. it is 13 hours later and the swelling has increased. i have put ice packs on the area (some hours after) but it still feels so hot, deep.

it was a different tech even though i asked for the same lady as previous, i felt nothing but plucking so i mentioned it and she offered to turn up the settings. i agreed as it seemed pointless to carry on like so. i still felt nothing so she turned it up again.

insertion was bad, i felt the needle a lot, but the electrolysis itself wasn’t that painful at all, not much more than usual, it just got VERY hot after a while. i felt the surrounding area heating up a lot and mentioned this. she said the skin was reacting fine.

now i’m a bit worried as i feel faint and my face is so hot and aches. i will continue with coolerpacks and see how it is in the morning.

so far there is no scabs, though a bumpy patch where she kept going at the same spot.

is this excess heat a usual after-effect of electrolysis?

why does it have to be so hard to get the same tech each time.

Although some heat and swelling can be normal following an electrolysis treatment, what your describing seems excessive. Not that I have not heard it before. I would keep icing to help bring the swelling down. Now its concerning that the electrologist’s work is bad. If you feel insertions and tweezing, find someone else. It doesn’t sound like where you’re going is a good place. finding someone that is more accurate in their insertions usually means that the current does not have to be as high and that will reduce skin reaction. also a hair that is tweezed is not treated properly.

I agree with JoJo and hope by now that your swelling is reducing

I will add that yours is one of the situations where a good Aloe-Hydrocortisone would be in order. It would help reduce irritation.

I hope you are using your Aloe Vera during the day, and Tea Tree Oil overnight, so that you can heal up as fast as possible. Internally, you want to make sure you are getting enough A, C, E, D-3 and zinc to help the skin heal.

Thank you for your comments and advice.

The left eye is still swollen and twitching (edema, not too bad)and my forehead feels strange, tingly (which wasn’t even treated) but the heat has gone. I think it will be ok.

I have since found several electrolygists in the area who work alone, two of whom use thermolysis (‘diathermy and flash’), which many of you say is a better option. it’s hard to pull that information out of the net here in the netherlands.

Tomorrow i will rush out for the tea tree and aloe. Reaching for the vitamin draw right now! :slight_smile:

Where do you get electrolysis done (UK)?

Yes, it is common to get a different tech. each time. The reason for this is – the business does not want clients to develop loyalties to the tech. as they come and go – and the customers end up following the tech to the next facility.

Regarding your skin:
Do you see any infections developing in the area --lesions that look like pustules - pus pimples?

arlene- no lesions, swelling is mostly gone, looks ok, just feel a little bruising/numbness now, sure that will fade within the next few days.

the teatree oil feels good :slight_smile:

that makes sense about tech-swapping. it’s a real shame though- cos ideally you would be paying for great service EVERY time, not 1 out of 5. a good reason to try a smaller business.

thank you all for your input.

Miss M,
One other thing to think about. If you are getting the blend or galvanic is the tech doing cataphoresis on your skin after the treatment? Some people swear by its affects.

I like to apply cold aloe vera gel straight from the refrigerator on my clients treated area immediately after a treatment. It feels so refreshing and draws the heat out of the skin right away. It’s like liquid ice. Cataphoresing is nice, but it reverses the lye that was created in the follicle, thus defeating the purpose of having the lye lingering arund to work inside the follicle for an hour or so to destroy hair germ cells and such.

Be sure and talk to your electrologist about your concerns.


Oh! I had cataphoresis done yesterday for the first time. Would hate to think that my painful 2 hour session was rendered useless because of the cataphoresis. Shall I tell her to skip it next time?

Cataphoresis is great after care. Although some people like to have the lye continue to take action in the skin until the body neutralizes it naturally. It is also true, however, that doing this can sometimes end in overtreatment, as the measured treatment often was enough, and the continued action in the follicle can be overkill.

Rest assured, cataphoresis is a great end to a hair removal session, if for no other reason than it feels so good. It also reduces swelling, and neutralizes the excess chemical reactions that may still be going on in the skin.