is this NADS product any good?

Hi, I have seen numerous adverts for NADS which claims to offer a simpler, less painful wax to normal waxing. Has anyone tried it? Is it anygood? Will Ibe able to do it myself or are there any special techniques to be used? Finally, is it suitable for the lower back, buttocks and upper legs?


Some have had good luck with it, but I found NADS to be totally useless.


Products like Nad’s can be difficult to use, because they require carefully-timed application and removal. If you don’t take it off at just the right moment after application, it’s can get too soft from your body heat and not grip hairs as well. That means it won’t be as effective.

The Nad’s infomericals are definitely overhyped. It’s OK for some, but it is by no means a miracle product.

I returned my NADS after just two attempts. Andrea cites its tendency to melt too quickly as a drawback; mine became too difficult to peel off, even with intense, quick pulls. I was left with nothing but a thinner application of the goop, no smooth, hairless flesh.

Thus, my quest for a smooth body continues.