Is this level of hair regrowth OK?

I’ve suffered from coarse excess hair on my breasts since I was a teenager. I have finally, after a lot of searching, found an electrologist that I’m happy with. She’s fast but meticulous and always asks me to check at the end to see if I’m happy with the results, in case she’s missed some hairs, which she rarely does.
I just have a couple of questions, and I know the answers vary from person to person. They are probably also boring questions that are repeated constantly so I apologise, but it reassures me and gives me hope to hear of other people’s experiences.

Since finding this therapist, I have had 3 sessions. I started off with a lot of hairs - basically like a man’s chest but with boobs - and the first session was 40 minutes long but I got full clearance. It stayed that way for about a week, then suddenly a lot of soft hairs came out, which grew long quickly. Two weeks after the first treatment I went back and had 25 minutes. Within a week, about 30 quite coarse hairs had sprung up on each side. I had a 20-minute session, again after 2 weeks, although maybe I should have gone after one week, and now after 5 days I have the same thing again, maybe slightly fewer than last time.

I am pretty happy with how the treatment is going, but I remember that one electrologist told me that if you have a hormonal problem, you can do as much electrolysis as you want and it won’t change anything. I’ve had my testosterone levels tested and they came back normal but I can’t help but worry a bit. Is this pattern of growth normal or are the hairs coming back too quickly? Am I going often enough? My previous electrologist said I should go as soon as hairs are long enough to grip with tweezers, but I can’t really go more often, as I would need to take time off work. Is it OK to wait two weeks?

Thanks a lot in advance. This website is amazing. I appreciate all the professionals that give their time to help people, and all those undergoing treatment who share their stories.

This is not regrowth that you are seeing. True regrowth takes about 3 months in this area. These are hairs that have been in a resting phase, and it will take up to one year for every single hair to appear. Were you removing any hairs prior to commencing electrolysis? Waxing,tweezing?

Where are you located if you don’t mind me asking?

I am based in Sydney,Australia.

That sounds right.

Even women with hormonal imbalances can have successful electrolysis treatments. This pattern sounds normal and if you are not removing hairs via tweezers between, then two weeks would be okay to go.