Is this for me?

This is my first post… so, think I should go ahead and give a little about me, about what I have tried, and what I want. Think that will give enough information for maybe some feedback.

Anyway, I am a 28 year old male, short, and hairy. Shoulders, chest, stomach, upper back, you name it, I got it. Ever since puberty, it has been a source of constant frustration for me. I have trouble even looking at my reflection because of it, and any attempts to be intimate with anyone have to be VERY VERY carefully planned and prepared for. I don’t even like being touched because I am afraid of people’s reactions to my having to shave.

Well, now we know why its obvious I am looking into electrolysis then!

So, what have I tried? Shaving of course. I regrow hair rather fast. So, shaving lasts just like 3 or 4 hours and repeated shaves leave me looking like the aftermath of an 80s slasher movie. I tried laser hair removal for my face and neck when I was in my early 20s. I have pale skin and thick dark hair. The first session I was impressed as after a while, some hair fell out. After that, nothing and the hair that fell out eventually grew back. 9 sessions and 2 years later, not change at all.

Now, I got a lot of hair to be removed, so I was thinking trying Laser Hair Removal again, the thinking being maybe the past 5 years there’s bee improvements to treatment and that maybe perhaps just because it didn’t work on my face doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work on my body.

But, electrolysis seems like the golden standard when it comes right down to it. And it is definitely something I’d be interested in doing. The pricing also seems far more appealing given that many places do by hour rather than treatment area.

No matter what, I know I will be sinking in good money. Thousands. With electrolysis, I’d prefer to go faster rather than slower… several hours per week sort of deal.

Should I give the laser hair removal another shot, see if it works, do that, and then finish off with electrolysis? Or, should I just shoot for electrolysis?

If just go for electrolysis, anyone know of someone in the Bay Area of California (around San Jose), you is skilled, reasonably priced, and crazy enough for marathon sessions?

Thank you for any information… I am tired of spending almost every day worried about body hair!

So it’s a bit hard to say whether or not laser failed because your body doesn’t respond properly to it or because the settings used weren’t appropriate. I’m betting on the latter, but without knowing the settings, it’s impossible to say for sure. Laser works tremendously well on the arms and legs (as that tends to be coarser for a lot of us), so I’d imagine you would see a permanent reduction in those areas if you can find someone using the correct laser at the proper settings. Since you’re pale and have dark hair, I’d recommend finding someone with a GentleLase laser. That’s my favorite type and I have myself experienced very good results with it:


As for an electrologist recommendation, I’d start with this one:

Eden Electrolysis
Charlotte Whittington, LE
124 Race Street,
San Jose, CA. 95126
(Located inside Carla’s Boutique)
Phone : (408) 596-3615
Email :
Website :

If you’re willing to drive further (to San Mateo):

Edelgard Staschel
Skin Essence
200 N.San Mateo Drive, Suite A
San Mateo, CA. 94401
Phone : (650) 345-2224
Email :

Carol Jean Leong. CPE
359 N San Mateo Drive, #4
San Mateo, CA. 94401
Phone : (650) 342-4000
Fax : (650) 341-9723
Email :

My advice to get hair free the fastest is to do laser on the areas that should theoretically work really well, and start electrolysis on the areas that won’t. That way, by the time your electrologist can get to the other areas, the density of hair has gone done dramatically