Is this another scam??

I wanted to ask guys if you have ever used the Nisim Kalo lotion?? It also claims to remove hair permanently? I am starting to believe that it is also a scam too.

Nothing removes hair permanently except for professional electrolysis and laser treatments (and laser only on coarse dense hair). Everything else is false advertising. Don’t waste your money.

There has been lots of discussion of Kalo both here and on our sister site

Save your money. It only effectively removes bills from your wallet, and digits from your bank account.

I had a feeling about that, thanks so much you guys! Gosh, I wonder why people still try to scam and trick everyone out of their money… Greedy people these days.

I read about that at hair-facts they have some guy going around and making fake web pages for them i did some research and its true i went to like 5 reviews and every single one the comments were closed and it said the same thing…

Everything else is false advertising.