Is this an ingrown hair? - pics attached -


I hope someone here can give me their opinion on a bump on my back that I believe might be an ingrown hair. I really would like to avoid going to a doctor at this point.

Below are 3 pictures showing the bump near my shoulder blade. I’m male, 33 and although I have a hairy back, I’ve never had an ingrown hair (and don’t know what one looks like). The bump has been there for about a week and has gotten a bit worse. The area is about 3 inches round. It’s swelled, slightly red and very swore. You can see in the pictures that there is something that looks like a “hole” or open pore.

Does this seem like an ingrown hair? If so, what can I do myself at home to help it?


Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

BTW, I shaved the area for the photos but generally do not shave that area (last time was 10 years ago).


In the second picture, I think I can almost see a darkness underneath the hole site. Yes, this could be an infected ingrown hair, but there is a list of other things it could be as well. Three inches in diameter sounds bigger than usual for an ingrown. I’m also wondering if it’s an insect or spider bite??? The inflammation process is certainly going at whatever is perceived as a foreign object or a poison to the body.
Is this the only area of concern for you, one bump? Is it tender?

Keep observing the area and if you think it is getting worse, then you should see your primary care physician to have it evaluated.

Thanks for the pictures. All I can say is, this could be an ingrown hair, but this is the internet and we can’t replace an actual medical person examining you in real time, so do observe and take action if this seems to be getting worse.



Thanks for your opinion. I really appreciate it.

I thought maybe it could be some kind of an insect bite but I’m in ice-covered Pennsylvania so it’s not as if I’m in some hot climate where there are a lot of insects around.

Yes, there is only one bump and it is very tender. Right now it’s tender and sore if I touch it but last night it was uncomfortable and sort of burning a bit.

I’m trying to avoid the doctor but I know I might have to bite the bullet and go. If anyone else has an opinion, feel free to chime in. If I can get any other pictures, I’ll post them.

As a side note, I told my Mom about it a couple days ago and she put her hand on my back to feel it. I said it might be an ingrown hair and she said, “let me look at it” and went to lift my shirt. Being a guy who hasn’t taken my shirt off in public for almost 20 years (before I my back was hairy), I said no, that’s OK and wouldn’t let her look. Pathetic huh? I’m sure many here can identify. Ironically, I’m planning on finally going for a consultation for laser hair removal this Spring. I’ve browsed this forum for years and really appreciate all the great info.


I’ve had a spider bite before, and it looked exactly like that. If it gets worse have it checked out.



Your photo looks like a sebaceous cyst. My husband had one on his back many years ago. They can be painful to the touch. Sebaceous cysts are filled with sebum (a body excretion) from sebacious follicles, thus when this happens, it can induce the inflamation process. My husbands long suffering finally ended when he had the cyst lanced.You definetly have an inflamation process brewing. Please check it out so you do not have to suffer as long as my husband did.

Hope this info helps you.



that looks liek a insect bite to me i agree with choice you should get that checked out